Ongoing Foot Injury Yet To Be Diagnosed

It's been over a year of pain so bear with...

December 2017 I decided I'd make my new years resolution to run a mile everyday, and for Christmas I got some new trainers from my partner that weren't proper running trainers but I went ahead anyway as they were comfortable

In January 2018 I started to get pain where the bottom of the toes meets the rest of the foot (on the top) after running. I told myself I would push through it until it affected my running. After a training session with the club I got dropped home and ended up limping down the steps to my front door. In the bath I noticed a lot of swelling where the pain was.

At the weekend I took myself to minor injuries for an x ray, which showed nothing and told to come off it for a week and I should be fine. Did this, no reduction in pain.

I did nothing then until about June, when I booked in to see a sports injury guy who did a couple of massages on the foot that relieved pain temporarily, but it always came back. I had another x ray done around this time, which still showed nothing.

I changed injury guy after finding one much closer to home, who said I had all sorts wrong flat feet, weak ankles, etc. We spent ages building up my ankles and getting my toes not so stiff, across this time the massages got less effective at reducing the pain.

On my second to last visit, after the session we planned for me to do a test run for ten minutes, this crippled me back to the pain I had when I first felt the injury. I went back to him, and he used some form of ultrasound machine which told him I had a stress fracture in my toes as I felt some vibration? Anyway, one too many days of limping annoyed me so I went down to my doctors who told me that a) my surgery should have referred me to physio following my clear x ray and b) that because I had a clear x ray it absolutely cannot be bone related.

I don't really care if it's soft tissue/tendons or bones, I am just tired of going in circles. I have now been referred to NHS physio as my doctor refused to send me for any more in-depth scans, but I've been told by fellow runners not to get my hopes up of getting anything in the next 6 months and ignore the 4-6 weeks the doctor told me.

I've tried rest, ice, heat/ice, ankle strengthening, calf stretching constantly, gradual load bearing, supports, painkillers, wider shoes, more supportive shoes, nothing is seeming to shift this and I don't know what to do bar waiting god knows how long for a physio appointment.

Just wanted to see if anyone had experienced similar!


  • Hi I know this is an old post but I am experiencing exactly the same thing. I had an x ray which was clear but I could barely walk or put any pressure on my foot so was sent for a bone scan that came back saying just wear and tear! The doctors receptionist told me this. The pain is on top of my foot just below my little toe and sometimes down the side. I've tried ice, massage, rest etc just like you. Have you ever got to the bottom of the problem? I've not gone running for about 8 weeks now, although my foot is still uncomfortable I'm going to splash out and get some good trainers that offer a LOT of cushioning and hope it works. I'm training for the Cardiff Half Marathon in October and I really don't want to let anyone down.
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