What is the recommended treatment for extensor tendonitis of the foot caused by running?

<span>What is the recommended treatment for extensor tendonitis of the foot caused by running? Are there other forms of sports I can safely participate in while injured?</span>


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    I've had this for the past few weeks. Thankfully seems a mild case as I've managed to keep running while managing it and only had to take a week off. 

    I did some cycling while I wasn't running and that was fine, didn't seem to aggravate it. 

    I'd always recommend seeing a physio if you can as they can usually help with any other areas which may be causing the issue. 

    Usually I think rest is the best treatment until the inflammation goes down. Ice the foot as often as you can to help with swelling, anti inflammatories can help (ibuprofen) as well. 
  • As far as i know most research nowdays for tendinopathies point towards heavy eccentric loading to provide enough stimulus for the tendon to heal. I can't recall seeing any literature on leg limb extensors specifically. But if it is indeed tendinopathy I would go see a physio and get a proper diagnosis, and maybe talk about a progressive loading programme of eccentrics or isometrics. I would NOT attempt to do this yourself as you may risk further injury with incorrect load management - I am not a qualified healthcare professional, I just read a lot of studies on injury management etc.
  • If it's real tendonitis then physio is the way to go. However, if it's just that the tendon sheath is inflamed due to pressure from the shoe laces (common) then it should settle doen if you protect the injured area with padding whenever you run - use something like the pads used to take pressure off the ball of the foot, cut a hole in the middle large enogh to match the inflamed area, then tape the pad to your foot with the hole over the tendons. If you remove it carefully afterwards you can re-use multiple times.
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