I feel like my running is getting worse

Hi all, new to the site.

I have been running now for just over a year and have completed 4 half marathon and over 30 parkruns. Each half marathon has been getting quicker with my last being 2 hours and 8 mins. I have also recently joined a running club who I run with every Tuesday and Thursday. I do Parkrun on a Saturday and aim to do a slow long run on a Sunday. I have also started doing some strength exercises every Monday and Friday.

I really enjoy running however lately my running has felt harder and I am getting slower. On Parkruns I feel out of breath and don’t feel like I can go any faster. Over a month ago I got a PB at Parkrun with 24:45 however since then im managing just over 26 mins. Im also struggling on my long runs where I feel sluggish from the start. Im not sure why im getting worse or what to do about it. I don’t feel too tired when I start I just struggle to finish. I feel a little disheartened at the moment about my times and really want to get quicker.

Any help would be much appreciated.


  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Welcome Jack.

    I think the important thing here is not to feel too disheartened. We all have those periods when things do seem to be a bit of a struggle and then for no real reason things turn around and suddenly you're flying again.

    It sounds as though you've probably changed your training routine recently with joining a running club and doing strength training and it sometimes takes a while for the benefits of a routine to kick in. It doesn't happen overnight, unfortunately. 

    I went through much the same thing last year where I was finding Parkrun a struggle and not being able to improve on my time. I think the problem was that I was running with someone who always went out fast and in keeping up I wasn't able to get into my own rhythm. So on one occasion I decided to run it as a progression run and told them I was going to go at my own pace. I resisted the temptation to keep up with them and at the turning point they were a good 75m in front, but because I'd run within myself I managed to pass them before the 2 mile point and went on to record my fastest time for a while. I'd also enjoyed it a lot more as it was like a plan coming together.

    It might be an idea, then, to use Parkrun as a training run. Try different things in terms of pacing it, either progression or intervals or a fartlek. Something that just means it's not just a race. You may find something clicks into place for you.
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