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Hi. I'm an ultra trail runner. I need to get as much vertical ascent under my belt as possible. I can get out into the Chiltern Hills at the weekends but during the week there just isn't the time so a treadmill is the answer (between other training). The problem is that most treadmills don't actually record elevation as you're running or even at the end of the run. They show gradient and horizontal distance but usually not average gradient over the entire run so that you can calculate it yourself. Does anyone know of a treadmill that does indeed show vertical gain in metres either while you're running or at the end of the run with all the other run stats?


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    I don't think it's a standard feature with any treadmill, but an iFit compatible one will have the capability (you'll need an iFit subscription and a compatible tablet to get the metric though). I've got a NordicTrack T7.0 and an iFit subscription but just enjoy creating routes from far-flung locations I've never visited. The treadmill mimics the ascents, but hasn't got the functionality for the descents, but it does generate a total elevation gain total (whether that's accurate is a different matter altogether).

    Other than that, do intervals at a set gradient over a set distance and calculate it yourself at the end. Not a perfect solution, but it's a workaround that doesn't require a great deal of mental acuity.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks. I actually bought a Nordic Track incline trainer but am returning it as the software and user interface are so awful. The calculation of elevation is inconsistent between different data screens (vertical metres and elevation from memory) with one of them calculating the ascent correctly but the other calculating a figure that is far too high even on a simple manual workout at a fixed positive gradient. And then the one that calculates ascent correctly deducts descent so you get a net figure that is useless. I don’t understand why the manufacturers can’t add it since it’s such an easy calculation. Very odd in my view. I could of course do simple manual workouts and just calculate it myself but I’m still hoping some enlightened manufacturer might have thought of it! Thanks again for posting though.
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