How can I improve?

I have just started running again and have been running on the treadmill in the gym 3 times a week as follows:
40 mins - easy run
40 mins - intervals - 10 x 30 seconds with 90 second inbetween and warm and cool down jog
40 mins - incline fast walk

How can I improve these workouts to get faster?


  • How long since you were last running regularly? I was under the impression that you shouldn't really do intervals as a beginner until you had built up a good base level of running.
  • Thanks for your reply, I used to race for a local club and even managed a 1/2 marathon, took me quite a while though, then I moved and it just gradually got less and less. It has been about 6-8 months since I was running at the gym although I have been doing cycling through the summer. I am only doing a top speed of 10kph during my intervals. Do you think I should build my base running up again first?
  • Scrub incline walk. Replace with fartlek session - increase or decrease speed every couple of mins. Doesn't have to be too fast - great for strength and speed. Join a local club? Enjoy.
  • Thanks for that Gavin. I tried the fartlek session last night - I managed 8 sets plus warm up and cool down. I loved it! I have thought about joining a local club but feel I need to get a bit more confident first and be able to run for at least an hour comfortably. I was thinking of finding a local 5k race and entering just to see how I got on! Scary!
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