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SwimSmooth vs Total Immersion vs your local pool

mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
Hello there.

I want to learn front crawl. Been talking about it for years put haven't taken the plunge. :smile: I think this is the year.

I have no problems with water, I do breast stroke and pool based tri's. I like open water; lakes, rivers and the sea. I've done scuba diving. Just a bit of backround to say I have no problem or anxiousness about swimming or water, just never learnt fc as a child.

So, opinions on the best way to learn as an adult. I have the Swimsmooth and Total Immersion books but haven't read them and I know you can't learn from a book so want to have some lessons. Which would you recommend, Swimsmooth, Total immersion or the local pool?



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    I was in exactly the same position as you 4 years ago. My front crawl was an excellent impression of a drowning cat! I opted for private lessons with a local swim school. They have an endless pool with mirrors on the floor so you can see what you are doing and video so they can show you what you ware doing and they teach standing in the water so they can position your body correctly (rather than telling you and you doing something entirely different).
    After the first lesson I was doing a passable front crawl, after the 3 I'd booked I was happy to "go it alone" to practice without embarrassment. I go back every so often for an improvement session, but I'm happy now to read about technique and try to improve myself.
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    mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    Thanks for your comment hypseldoris. What a fancy pool you found! I doubt it oror actual know that my local leisure centre does not have such facilities. Best I ring around a few places. 
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