Thursday 4th April 2019 - You must remember this


Lyrics - You must remember this

Colder than yesterday and the wind is due to pick up again for the next couple of days. I'm running out of ideas for lyrics so please feel free to join in!

Wondering how Benjy, Alex, SC, Donaldo etc are doing - please check in guys if you're reading.

What:          MLR
Why:           aiming for a big mileage week
Last hard:   focusing on the positives
Last rest:    27/1

Yesterday's lyrics - Oh What A Circus - David Essex.
If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.


  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    Lyrics: yes (and far too early for me to set them ahead of you on a non-work day, LMH!)

    What: short run and long fitness suite

    Why: balance

    Bet that was a special night, Wabo! Will the atmosphere still be good?
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Morning - I'm a get up as late as possible person these days and despite the hour's time difference generally someone else got there first!

    Hmm - I was thinking of something completely different with yesterday's lyrics.  Did say I was useless at them!

    Woke up to several centimetres of the white stuff and it is still falling so:

    What: whatever the ground conditions will allow without costing too much energy, likely not the 10 miles I was planning.
    Why: being flexible
    Last rest: 31.03.

    Lyrics: no

    Have a good day everyone.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Morning All
    Pretty chilly here too, I think there was a light flurry on yesterday's lunchtime run (too thick for rain, too thin for hail). Didn't we spring into spring last week? What happened.....??

    Wabo - A good start in the new home. Just need some silverware for that trophy cabinet ;-)

    What - U11 coaching, otherwise taking it easy
    Why - R-10 days
    Last rest - Today will be easy, before that 20 days ago
    Last hard - Tuesday

    Eldest graduation date through for the middle of July (where did those 3 years go?), so 4-5 days up in Yorkshire, might even sneak a day in at the cricket ;-)  She lives in Headingley
    Youngest now saying she wants to work for a year before going to Manchester, so looks like we'll have them both back next year after all!

  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    What: a walk if it stops snowing/raining/sleeting
    Why: it's a walk kinda day
    Last hard: sitting on this new Swiss ball I got. It's not balance that's a problem but I can feel the difference from a chair after only 2 hours on it! Hoping it may help the hips
    Lyrics: nope

    Be careful hazel, no slipping please
    Dustin full house next year then! 
    Stay warm (isn't it spring now?)

    Have a lovely day!
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Morning all
    Alehouse the atmosphere was amazing before the game and then again after our goal! We were a bit quiet until then I think everyone was nervous that CP would get the first goal in the stadium. It is amazing being back and travelling easy!! My seat view is really good. Enjoy your exercise!
    LMH enjoy the MLR
    Emzap I hope you can have a lovely walk
    Dustin, we do need silverware but I very much doubt it will be this year!! Sure you will be happy to have them both home
    Hazel take it easy do what you can

    What: assembly league at Beckenham if the roads allow me to get there after work
    why: its a new season
    last hard: yesterday am
    last rest: 31/12/16
    have a good day all

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭
    All sounds good, Wabo! And say hello to Dennis for me!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Lyrics yes, will do Alehouse.  The only  bad moment last night and it was very scary, we sit directly above the away fans and all of a sudden we had thick black smoke billowing up in our faces.  Unbeknownst to us a flare had been set off!! Very scared for a moment and then it cleared.  How the heck they get them in I don't know!!!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭
    Oh heard about that on the news I think wabo. Must have been scary. 
  • On train to Zürich. Beautiful ride down from Arosa.
    Aroser Weisshorn 2653m yesterday. Wonderfully engineered Winterweg but crampons and poles could have been handy.
    (Must have triggered some endorphins!)
    Last hard: yesterday but fun.
    Today will be a restful day. Weather not so good at lower altitudes.
    Lyrics as usual 🙄

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Wabo: The trick is to go into the stadium very late, preferably when the match has already started. The marshals then just wave you through. Not that I ever set off flares or other forms of pyro ;)

    Can't believe you have snow, Hazel :o

    I think you need to train Swiss ball sitting just like any other sport, Em. Whilst a normal office chair doesn't really challenge any muscle groups the ball does so that fatigue will set in after a while. I worked in an office before where we were short of chairs (seriously) - it was a start-up and one of us had to sit on the ball. We took turns as nobody could survive a full day on it :)

    Enjoy that family time with your eldest, Dustin.

    Have we really cheesed off Gobi for good? Would be a shame.

    And yes, Benjy, Ollie, Don, Alex, SC and others - let us know how you are.

    LMH: I am struggling with the time difference at the moment and can't seem to drag myself out of bed early enough to post lyrics. Trying to catch as many zzzz as possible before setting off for my run and then work. Give me another two weeks and I shall become better, promise :)

    On an early flight to Vienna tomorrow to make the most of our time there. Guess there will be no running tomorrow but I'm hoping for 3ish on Saturday. I wish I could feel excited or confident but my training paces tell a story and that story is not positive. I was running quite well in December/January but things have deteriorated since then. It may well be age and hormones (or lack thereof) finally catching up with me.

    Still going to give it my best shot on the day and whatever will be will be.

    What: 5 mile recovery run
    Why: 3 more days
    Last hard: not feeling strong or confident
    Last rest: Tuesday
    Lyrics: no

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Forgot to say: OH, those pics the other day were amazing.
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    Just popping in as tummy bug is back do not think it went away.lets hope it is just for 24 hours.

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Wish you better Poppy
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • chicksta - I'm in exactly the same position pace wise. The miles are there but the speed hasn't been since the middle/end of January. I have the same attitude to London and who knows, if we relax and enjoy it maybe it will come good on the day. Hope you have a lovely break regardless.

    Get well soon Poppy.

    Will eldest definitely be moving home and youngest staying do you think Dustin? A lot of the final year students I work with are planning on staying put rather than going home.

    Is your back any better OH?

    That does sound scary Wabo. Hope you can make the Assembly League.

    I think chicksta is right emzap, you need to get used to it.

    How's your chest now Alehouse?

    Hope snow doesn't stop play Hazel.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Interesting family plans Dustin.

    Swiss ball is an idea emzap.  Could do with a new seat myself. Did you get a walk in?

    Flares are a big problem here Wabo and there have been quite a few hooligan issues too. Puts me off of going to a match a bit.

    Nice outing OH, don't know Arosa (yet?). Certainly rest day weather today.

    Get well soon WP.

    Have a great time in Vienna chicksta.  Please eat some Sachertorte for me. Doing your best on the day is the right way to go about it.

    LMH your suggestion about relax and enjoy certainly counts too.

    10 slushy miles done this afternoon, hoping that will all have disappeared by tomorrow evening.  Pretty chilly.  I wasn't succesful at keeping the pace gentle so I will know why if I don't have a decent race tomorrow. 
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭
    edited April 4

    What: 15 mins run/long fitness suite/15 mins run

    Why: good question as the running parts were rather wet including horizontal sleet at times on both runs; worked hard in the fitness suite, largely repeating Tuesday's Pilates work but adding leg presses etc for the Achilles. 

    Peak flow tells me chest is fine, LMH; still lots of catarrh tells me that all is not quite right. Away from Sunday in Portugal so hopefully a little sunshine will help: if not it is back to the GP as it will be close to 8 weeks. Pharmacist said I was doing and taking all the right things and if things were not getting better to go back to the surgery. 

    Hope your weather is rather better tomorrow, Hazel

    Sorry to hear of Fulham's plight, RFJ!

    Enjoy Vienna, Chick! On my list...and I don't mean running-wise!

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Ale, it was expected (well not at the start of the season), but hopefully ticket prices and football may be better again next year....

    Sorry not many checks lately

    club run tonight, if you can say club, all 2 of us..... hill work, so knackered now

    Take care
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