Struggling with cold and circulation as training progresses

I generally run 3-4 times a week - 15-20 miles. In january i started training for edinburgh marathon, so upped to 5 times a week and some weeks up to 40miles now. I'm really enjoying it and its all on track...BUT i am really struggling with cold!
I've always had raynauds a little and had white fingers/blue lips in the cold - but now its getting to be every run even as weather gets warmer. And its not during the run its after. I did 19 miles 2 weeks ago and 15 minutes after my fingers and toes went totally white and lipswent blue and i was shivering so much. It took a 20 minute shower and most of the day to feel normal again. I just did a readmill run in our garage - only 5 miles with some speed - and felt freezing again after.
I'm slim build but not skinny and eat maybe 2000 - 2500 calories a day so im not a small eater! I'm not great at eating after runs though, maybe an hour or two later.
And its every run now as well - and general day to day - i popped out to the bin in the rain the other day and my fingers just drained white when i got in! I thought as i got fitter it would improve but its getting a lot worse. I haven't lost weight since training but i have dropped a dress size.
Any tips very welcome as its starting to become very frustrating and have 7 more weeks to go!


    Oh that sounds so painful and miserable.   But you must eat and drink ASAP after finishing your training runs, not wait for an hour but within 5 minutes.  I don't suffer from the problems you have but if I don't have a hot drink tea/coffee and something to eat soon after finishing I too get cold and shivery and feel rotten for quite a long time.  Try having a bowl of soup ASAP, take a flask with you if you're away from home.

    As you suffer from Reynaud's you're always going to be prone to this but you must do what you can.  I don't think being fitter would help at all, it's very common in runners.   You've dropped a dress size so you may have a little less fat to keep you warm.  Next time you put the bins out, coat and warm gloves!

    I would suggest that in the future you train for an autumn marathon, then you get to do the long runs in warm weather and shouldn't suffer so much as you have done.  

    Hopefully now the weather is starting to warm up the last part of your training should become easier.
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