Trail running

Evening all

After running mainly on the roads I have recently been enjoying exploring the footpaths in my local area and this has led me to sign up for beachy head in October!

Do you know if there are any decent trail related websites and groups and any other good advice sources.



  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    You don't say whereabouts you want to run but

    may give you some ideas.

    As an Essex runner I rely on MidEssexCasuals and they have a Links page on their site which will give plenty of other websites

    Another good site for similar event to Beachy Head is and I believe their Greensand and Picnic marathons are on a par with Beachy Head re hardness!

    As for Beachy Head - have done it 4 times I think, which was about 3 times too many, that's a hard run!

    Good Luck
  • The irunfar website is an amaxing resource for trail running.
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