Hip Pain

I recently started back running. Been out of it for 2 years.
Had problem with hip. uneven hips, one side more muscle than the other. still working on it.
My running capacity is poor now, just starting to do mile run. my hip area aches and lower right hand side of back, opposite of bad hip.

I was wondering how do i know if hip ache is to do with muscle work or bad (though lack of running) and why would my lower back hurt. abit worried


  • DaisydooDaisydoo ✭✭✭
    Hi. I've had similar issues with hip pain. Mine are out of alignment. I see an osteopath and he's given me exercises to do to help build up my core strength. I also do pilates. Have you had your gait checked too and getting fitted for shoes.

    My running has taken a while yo build up and at long distances I still have to do some run/walk breaks to loosen things up.
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