Stress reaction in fibula, put in plaster

I've had a chronic ankle problem for nearly a year. An MRI shows high intensity in the bottom of my fibula which I understand to mean it's damaged. Don't think it's actually fractured. Consultant says it's an injury he sees in middle aged people (thanks) who have decided to get fit and done too much exercise, often running.

I was going to the gym every day at the time but only running twice a week, 7-10k distance each time. Then also doing weights and cycling.

He says it's a hard injury to recover from as there's no quick fix surgery, etc. Rest is the only answer and he's put me in a plaster cast with an inverted foot as I also have an issue with my peroneal tendon and he said I may as well take the pressure off my tendon while resting my leg. I previously had a CAM boot on but wasn't very compliant and kept taking it off to go to body pump classes and go cycling!

So 4weeks in a cast. Consultant said he's got someone else with the same injury who has been resting for 18 months and it's still not healed!

Anyone else had similar and how long was recovery. Did you ever get running again?


  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    I have no experience but I am so sorry to hear this. Take your time and maybe take the opportunity to do something new? Learn a language?
  • BinkaBinka ✭✭
    Thank you. Am currently watching everything on my Netflix list!
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