Blood in urine

Hi all,

About 10 months ago I passed some blood in my urine after a reasonably long run in hot weather. I went to my Dr who took a urine sample and some blood tests, these both came back clear and was told that as a result I did not meet the criteria for referral to a specialist (I'm a 35 year old male btw)

Yesterday I went on a gentle 35 minute run and passed blood in my urine again. Went back to the doctor's who took another sample and ordered blood tests and said that it was most likely caused by running and that this is a known cause... Has anyone else experienced this? Cant say it is anything that I have ever heard of! 

On both occasions my urine returned to normal within a couple of hours but I would not call the run I did the second time strenuous, it was just a recovery run. Becoming slightly concerned that this was dismissed too early on my first visit to the dr's


  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Trev - there are a couple of things that can cause this. One is the walls of the bladder slapping together (if it's empty). The other is blood cells in the feet getting broken down by impact, although that doesn't usually result in red pee.
    However, just be sure it's not beetroot. That can turn your pee an alarming shade of claret if you're at all dehydrated after a run.
  • Thanks Cal, definitely not beets (I can't stand them !😂) but my bladder would have been empty when I ran (on both occasions) as I went out run straight after getting up pretty much. 

    Reassuring to know that running can be a cause. Will wait to hear back from the dr's
  • I've had this a couple of times in my long running career. Eventually, you will pass the flakes and the colouring will stop. THe second time I had it, it took about two months to go and being a typical old bloke, I didn't trouble the doc.
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