Compression socks?


I see loads of people at events with these now. From what I've heard they do little to improve performance but can aid recovery. I suffer from fairly knocked about ankles, are they worth trying?

Anyone use them on here?


  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I use calf sleeves - I prefer them to the socks as they're easier to get on and off and you don't have to wash them every wear (unless you're very sweaty or it's muddy).
  • Oh hi cal! Thanks. Do you find they make a difference? In what way?
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Well I started wearing them after I tore my calf, and I haven't torn it again, so maybe? :D
  •  :D well that's a good thing.
  • I find I get less shin pain since I started using them
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