Pace and running without tech?

Hi all,

I have been running for about 8 months following the 80/20 rule, checking my HR and pace etc etc. I found myself getting a bit obsessive over my pace and HR and it causing my a bit of anxiety on off days so I decided to change my watch over to display distance only. When i was running my easy days i was at approximately 6'35 - 6'45 min/km, but now I am running without checking my pace and going by my breathing only I am averaging 6'50-7 min/km. I am running to keep my breathing rate low and effort easy - am I maybe being too conservative now I am going by my breathing? Or could I have been running at a bit too fast a pace before? my longest run at 6'45ish was 18km and by the end of it i was finding it relatively tough - but i wasn't completely depleted. Has anyone else found the same?




  • Don't stress too much about your pace  - just run to how you perceive your exertion to be.  You'll get faster for the same effort with consistent training. 
  • when running by the 80/20 rule, you're best running definitely under your aerobic threshold than possible at or above it. However, the pace differences you noted are negligible
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    You've been training to HR for 8 months - by now you have a good idea of what easy pace feels like. There's no need to obsess over it. Day to day fluctuations in pace running to 'easy effort' is very normal and could be caused by environmental factors (weather, terrain, etc) or personal (bad night, coffee, hunger or fatigue etc). So don't read anything in to it. Just get in the easy miles and over time (in 4-6 blocks) you should hopefully see your paces for the same effort levels come down. Best of luck 
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    Brilliant - thanks for all the replies! That's all very reassuring!
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