Sunday 5th May 2019 You're everywhere and nowhere, baby

alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

Lyrics: You're everywhere and nowhere, baby

Is that MK, Dustin?

What: short run, long fitness suite

Why: Sunday
Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.


  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
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    Alehouse: Good luck on run and fitness suite!

    Dustin Good Luck for tomorrow with marathon.How are you feeling will it be a PB attempted?

    Hazel : Nice race and goodies very useful rather than a medal and top.One race we had beanie hats and I still wear mine I would rather a useful memento  any day of the week.

    What: Run
    Why: It is what i do
    Last hard: Tiredness and getting out of bed
    Lyrics: Yes of course

    Back later it is 0 degrees and I need to warm up first!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Morning.

    Yesterday's lyrics - Star Wars by Ryan Adams. (May the 4th be with you.............)

    Chilly start to the day here too Poppy but the wind has dropped and it's dry.

    Hope you get good conditions for your run Alehouse.

    Is that your taper Dustin?  :)

    What:            depends on how my leg feels after walking Grace
    Why:             trying to be sensible
    Last hard:     not running
    Last rest:      4/5

    Lyrics - yes.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    What: resting, maybe a walk
    Why: legs ache after parkrun, heels and cobbles (not all together :tongue:
    Last hard: getting through parts of yesterday. It was a lovely day (star wars themed in parts!) But tinged with sadness.
    Lyrics: nope

    Chick yes I did 37 :) I wasn't out of breath at all so think that's a good thing. Just have to walk between running as the extra weight makes it harder on my hips

    So we are 99% sure he's a he but they can meetn guarantee it. Apparently hormones can do strange things... I'm not into blue for boy pink for girl anyway so I'm happy with dinosaurs and elephants whatever!

    Hazel that's a good hoard of prizes well done.
    How was the cheese lmh?
    Rfj sounds like a good day out.
    Chick, glad the virus seems to have gone. Take it easy though.

    Have a lovely day all
  • That's a good attitude emzap. Cheese festival will be today if it happens.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭
    Oh, I just realised of course I know the lyrics!
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Well raced Hazel. Blimey, that's a proper stash of prizes.

    Nice double yesterday, RFJ.

    Being in Germany I totally didn't get the Star Wars connection yesterday 🤦

    Hope your legs are conducive to a run, LMH.

    Absolutely gorgeous morning here. Perfect for or local 10k which I would have done if I hadn't got ill. Thought I would attempt 10 miles instead but bit off more than I can chew at present. Luckily I realised early on that this would be silly so ended up doing 7. Onwards :)

    What: 7 easy
    Why: still recovering
    Last hard: realising that eyes are bigger than engine
    Last rest: Mon- Fri
    Lyrics: yes

  • Easy does it chicksta - you've been quite ill.

    Leg felt much better walking Grace this morning and I realised that the trainers I last ran in needed replacing which wouldn't have helped things so I broke out a new pair for this morning's run and enjoyed a few easy miles. Hoping there's no adverse reaction and I can go again tomorrow. We decided against the cheese festival but I may head to Up and Running and see if I can spend the voucher I won in September - it's supposed to be used for Brooks shoes which i don't wear but I'm hoping they'll be flexible.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    5 miles for me today a nice pace :)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday.

    Well done on the Hurstbourne 5 RFJ.  Was just looking at the website - very nice, very much the sort of race I would enjoy.

    Just imagining trying to run in heels emz.  Heels and cobbles also sounds like a dangerous combo.

    Sensible chicksta.

    Hope you were able to use the voucher as you would prefer LMH.  I run in Brooks quite a bit but obviously they won't suit all.  

    Well done on the 5 WP.

    Hope the run and fitness suite combo was fun Ale.

    What: 10 miles once I've finished digesting lunch.  Might leave out the planned strides though as my quads are still suffering from Friday's downhills.
    Why: need a few more this week.
    Last hard: Having the patience to bake and assemble a multi layered cake yesterday (to be eaten post run…)
    Last rest: 01.05.

    Lyrics: no
  • Oooh - what sort of cake Hazel? I don't do faffy I'm in awe of those who do. Hope you enjoyed your run. The manager of the running shop was very nice and said that I could use the voucher however I liked but they don't stock Adidas or small enough clothing so I ended up with some bits and pieces including a spiky massage ball to add to the ways I can torture myself, some gloves, a running cap for Mark. Better than not benefiting from it at all.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • An Other HalfAn Other Half ✭✭✭
    6 miles up local hill
    Some of the others had suggested a trail run so did first bit with them.
    Also continuing with non running preparation for Cape Wrath week (Balnakiel beach run beckons ...)
    Last hard: today was quite hard ( basically out of my league)
    Lyrics: no but possibly should have after checking them out.

    Sounds yummy, HazelCH, do we get to see photos of finished product?
  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    Good you could use your voucher LMH.

    Sorry OH the cake is currently being digested, only made a small one.

    It was a cherry cake originating from the Swiss cantone Zug which is well known for its cherries.  The cherries are in the cake in distilled form so it is pretty potent.  You bake two thin wafers (errr don't know if you know the term japonais) a layer of sponge (soaked in the schnaps) then stick everything together with buttercream (more schnaps and cherry juice/beetroot juice for colour) and decorate with almond flakes or fresh cherries for example.  I had a piece of this type of cake after a race recently and wanted to try it out - less cream than a black forest gateau.  Turned out ok - need to work on the sponge though.

    Run this afternoon went okay, did 10 flat miles along a river and left out the strides adding in a bit of progression instead to finish with one km @ MP.  Quite windy and cool.
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭
    That sounds similar to a Donnerwelle hazel.

    Oh when does Cape wrath start?
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