10k in 4 weeks

Not long back into running and me and the wife have entered a 10k in weeks. 

Currently we are running 4 sessions of about 4 miles with a 10% increase this week.  We are doing the 4 mile in about 45mins, I reckon we could knock another 5 mins off that as we walk for a warm up and cool down

Should we stick to what we are doing or follow this rw program, over 3 sessions pw



  • NorthEnderNorthEnder ✭✭✭
    I've not clicked on the link (I usually don't)... but variety in your training is really important.  So, yes.  Following a plan for the last 3 weeks will be good... because it must have variety in there.   Good luck.
  • tsiddonstsiddons ✭✭
    I found the couch to 10k app perfect. You could just do the last 4 weeks? Good luck!
  • Thanks I just posted my weekly schedule in the training section so may have to tweak that
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