Tight IT band/Snapping Hip Syndrome

Hi, I'm fairly new to running (on week 7 of C25K on the treadmill) and had been enjoying it. However, over the past couple of weeks my right hip has been getting more & more sore the longer I run. I did see a physio and he told me I had a tight IT band (I also feel a snapping sensation in the hip). I have been doing all the stretches and foam roller exercises that he gave me, both before & after running, but, it doesn't seem to be easing.
I run maybe 3 -4 times a week and rest in between.
I am 5'2" and 8.5st, so I'm a healthy weight. I have decent running shoes.
This is really starting to bother me as I was enjoying running. Will it eventually go or am I stuck with this pain?
Any info or suggestions gratefully received.


  • topolinotopolino ✭✭
    Lots of stretching cured my snapping hip quite quickly.
  • WhitedogWhitedog ✭✭
    Thanks Toplino. I will persevere with the stretching.
  • WhitedogWhitedog ✭✭
    Update: despite stretching before & after running, I am still having pain/snapping in my right hip. Some days I run and it's fine, others it's agony and I have to abandon my run.
    Does anyone have any other info on this? Thanks in advance.
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