Running after Meniscal trim

Hi Guys

Long story but after tearing my ACL in 2004 in my early 20's. I ran quite competitively with a running club between 2009 and 2014 until my meniscus started to break-down which is commonly place 10 years plus after such an injury.

I had surgery to repair the meniscus tear ( which sadly failed) and so they removed I guess around 50% of my lateral meniscus which was probably a bad idea because when you lose that shocker absorber your in trouble....

Now in my mid-30's my knee isn't in a very good state. The good news is I'm pain free, but the bad news is that my life is quite restricted in that my knee struggles to do any impact exercise -  even the cross trainer at the gym and simple things like pushing off the wall swimming are serious problems for me :(.

I have however managed to develop a running gait where my "good leg" can take 80% or so of the impact when I run and I put minimal to no stress through my injured leg.... AND I'm generally doing ONLY one 5 to 8 k run at the weekend at greatly reduced speeds (Generally 25min 5k Pace when I used to run sub 20 easily pre 2014)

I get through my weekly run with no issues but for several days after the workout - My knee reacts quite badly to my 7 hour a day desk job and life becomes increasing uncomfortable with fluid building up on my lateral side.

So I guess my question is - Does anyone have any advice as to how to manage such swelling ? - I have invested in an Ice Cuff machine which is a good help. But would some sort of hinged knee brace or anti inflammatory cream be of any use?

I do appreciate I should probably give up the ghost now - but the mental torment of trying to stay in shape with 1 fully functioning knee whilst having your main passion taken away is quite hard to put into words.




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    It might be something you already have but can you ask for a standing desk? It r ads as if you would qualify for reasonable adjustments under the equalities act. That would let you sit less. When I stand I do so on a wobble board which helps massively. See your GP when my knee was swollen they prescribed some gel which work d wonders combined with peas. 

    Also do you know a physio with an Alter G? It might take a long time and it might not work but is it worth trying?
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