Aching calves

Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone has any advice for me please. I have been running since 2004 and the last 3-4 months I have been experiencing aching calves when running which is constant. It gets worse running up hills. I tend to stop a lot but I am not breathless. It is affecting my running and I have a race at the end of the month and getting anxious about it. I have read into compression socks which have great reviews and have just brought a pair of compression sleeves which I have ran in the other day. My calves felt better but the aching seemed to go to the top of my legs. Any advice would be grateful. I will be trying them again tomorrow. I think my pace has got a bit faster as well over the past 6 months so not sure if this is the cause but I cant slow it down as I am use to it now. Not saying this is the cause.

Thank you


  • you can consult with an osteopath, hope its not an internal injury
    Eleri - have you changed shoes perhaps, switched to a lower drop?  If it's not your shoes chances are it's caused by your running style

    If not I'd suggest you need to see a physio and see what it is. You need to find the cause, you shouldn't be getting painful calves just in training.
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    Hi Mate

    I was just gonna suggest compression socks.

    Before my running days were curtailed - I recall being injured for a month at least with calf issues.

    Every time you leg strikes the ground - your calves take a pounding and compression socks fixed me right away.

    I generally found socks to be better than the sleeves - so maybe worth trying them as the socks will cover you right up to your knee.

    All the best

  • Bump. Similar problem. Aching calves that just wont stop aching. I can go out and run 100km ultra, it doesn’t stop me and the pain subsides once I get into the run, but, just feels odd that my calves hurt almost all the time when not running.
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