Manchester or Paris marathon?

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Hello, if all goes well (training, life, lack of injury, work etc) I have the time to train for a spring marathon. The two 'easiest' to travel to and obtain a place at seem to be Manchester and Paris. I can see the advantages of both. Both great cities with good support, pacers and well organised. Paris has the advantage of being a city we can then have a holiday in, Manchester we can be back at work on the Monday with another holiday to somewhere else possible. I know there is much support for both, any views welcome!


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    I've done both. Manchester is easier to do and requires a bit less planning, but Paris is Paris. Much more iconic route through an amazing city, which you might not see otherwise. More of a city marathon, despite running through 2 large park areas. If you book flights early, it's easy and cheap to get to. Manchester is much more running through suburbs and countryside areas (although the route has changed slightly for next year). Much less crowd support, but what there is is great.

    My 2p-worth - they're both very good, but Paris is more of an "occasion" and more of a city run. If it were me, I'd go for Paris.

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    Thanks rodeoflip, I appreciate your comments. Might be putting the two names in a hat and drawing one out!
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    When you said "Paris has the advantage of being a city we can then have a holiday in, Manchester we can be back at work on the Monday with another holiday to somewhere else possible" - I had a few beers (well, actually, more than a few) after running Paris and flew home that night - flight time was 1.5 hours to Scotland. I was at work the next day. Just because Paris is slightly further away doesn't mean it's more hassle / time. Depending on where you are, Paris might be just as easy as Manchester to get to. If you do decide on Paris, I can recommend taking an open-top bus tour the day before - it keeps you off your feet and lets you see the city, which means you know your way around a little and know where the sights are during the run.
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    TT - Pass me the hat, as I might be putting in 3 names, Rome too - all same day which gives then 3 weeks to recover for London.  Agree totally with Rodeoflip.   I've run Manchester (2017) and Paris (2019) and loved them both for different reasons, Paris is an occasion with the most runners in Europe, and Manchester is in the UK and home to members of my family (ironically quicker to get to Paris than Manchester from Cornwall!).  My brother-in-law is running Manchester for his first marathon - he lives there - so my wife wants to see her younger brother run, but also tempted to go to Paris again (without 3 kids in tow). But I am also tempted to run Rome, as never been there and not run a marathon in Italy!!!  Nice dilemma to have.  Plenty of time to decide thankfully.
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    Just to make your decision harder, I would also write down Barcelona and throw that in the hat as well.
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    I have to agree ouchouch, from where we live Paris is just as easy as Manchester as we would use the train. Had not thought of Rome, or Barcelona but both would mean flying. The other advantage of Paris is we both can get by in French, zero Spanish and Italian, which would be useful as I would run with a pacer. People at work have asked why I am not doing London! Have they any idea how difficult it is to obtain a place in the ballot?!?!?!
  • Paris all the way.

    Next year will be my 7th time (though was only a supporter for one).

    There’s also a great support network online for Paris through RW.
  • Hi.... I've done neither, so cant really help with a recommendation. However... I've done Berlin, NYC and London... and based on experience, would suggest that Paris would be more of an overall occasion.

    I'm also biased, as I'm doing Paris in 2020, and have recently bought my entry with their '2 participant special offer'. I did this to secure my entry now and get it a lower price (works out at £79 per person).

    However... I haven't actually been able to convince anyone to use the second entry....

    So... if you decide to go with Paris, then I'll shortly be sent the registration link for entry. Please let me know if you'd like to take advantage of securing your spot at the lower price!
  • I've done both Paris and Manchester.Of the 2,Paris is the only one I'd think about doing again,in fact it's probably the only 1 of my 6 that I'd run again.
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