Can't seem to run for a straight one minute. Help!

Hello there,
So back in 2009, at age 17 weight 120, i used to run for 15 minute straight. And after that i have stopped running until recently. Now i cannot manage to run for one minute without feeling chest pain short of breath, and legs pain.. i weight 165 now. I don't smoke cigarettes, i only vape for the past 2 years if that matters. So my question is what can i do to get back into running? I am willing to do anything that's possible to get back.


  • Maybe try doing some regular walking for a few weeks before you start running. Then look for a Couch to 5k program- loads about NHS has one or you can get an app. These will include walking and running, NHS one starts off with 5 minute walking warm up, then 60 seconds running (if you cant do that do 30 seconds running) then 90 seconds walking which you repeat for a total of 20 minutes. Program is about 9 weeks but if you are struggling you can just repeat weeks until you can manage.

    Also might be a good idea to have a word with your GP before you start. 
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    I'd absolutely agree with bigballer69. Seek advice from your GP first of all so that they can give you the all clear to start exercising, especially if you're experiencing chest pain. Then do a couch25k program, which should build you up at a pace you're comfortable with.

    Do you warm up before you start to run or just go straight into running? And what pace do you run at for that minute? It's possible that if you're going straight into running then you're kind of 'spiking' you're heartbeat and the breathlessness you feel is your heart trying to cope with suddenly being pushed in action. If you've already raised your heartrate then it's not such a shock for it. When I warm-up I generally feel more breathless with that than I do when I start to run.

    Additionally it might be an idea to invest in a heartrate monitor so that you can check to make sure you're running within a defined heartrate zone. The upper limit is generally  220bpm - your age, which would be 193 (if my maths don't fail me).

    Good luck.
  • I think the key is to work up to it - when I started I could only manage a minute running then a minute walking and would just repeat that for 30 mins, then I started making the runs 1 min 30, with a min of walking in between, then up to 2 mins running etc. improvements have been slow but I can see them which is great and can now do 10 mins running which for me is quite and achievement :)
  • Well for that first you have to work for 30 secs and when you will be able to do it for 30 sec then after some more work you will be able to do it for 1 min and like this, it will keep going on.
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