First half, now want to go faster

I’ve just completed my first half this weekend in 1:49 and very pleased, but now want to go faster. I’ve only been running for about 18 months and I’ve just turned 53, so is a 1:45 a realistic target or is age now against me irrespective of training? I currently try to do more than 40k per week but work/family commitments often reduce it to 20-25km. I often do the local parkrun but can’t get under 22:30 which is where I’ve been stuck for several months, so have I peaked and it’s downhill from here, or would I be expected, at my age, to continue improving if I can put the miles in?


  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    With training you can improve. OH gone from HM of 1:57 to 1:32 in 2.5 years at the age of 52 to 54. He does very specific workouts so no mile is wasted. 

    Short answer: yes!
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