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  • Fido: according to the provisional results spreadsheet I reached checkpoint 7 at 02:52, so just before your OH's shift started. Please pass on my thanks to him and to all the other volunteers there - they were great.
  • He says he probably was there by then but it was very busy! It's a bit like being the world's least glamorous air steward.

    Here's a question - was there actually a rave between CP 7 & 8? We'd heard rumours...!

    PS fun fact we've had runners with hypothermia up at CP7 - at least twice - ... Not this year though!! :)

    Do you think it's pretty much up there with some of the less scary 100s? That's the impression I get...
  • Debra BourneDebra Bourne ✭✭✭
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    Yes, those checkpoints were quite busy. I'm worried I might have forgotten to say thank you on leaving at one of them, and I do really, really appreciate what the volunteers do.
    No rave that I could see between CP7 & 8, although we had been warned there might be.
    As for difficulty, I'd say not quite as hard as a 100, in normal conditions (this year was NOT normal conditions) but getting towards that (a lot of the ascent is in the second half). Last year I used it as a stepping stone towards 100 point-to-point (I'd done a lapped 100 on a 6.5 mile loop). I've used the Cool Running Pace Calculator ( to work out my speeds and this is what I've got (all this year's times except Ridgeway I've given last year and this year - I had been expecting to improve on last year's time).
    NDW50 5600ft 11:38/mile
    Lakeland 50 10000 ft 14:56/mile
    Ridgeway 86 2018, 9000ft  15:01/mile
    SDW 100 12700ft 15:10/mile
    Ridgeway 2019 15:48/mile
    There's a great site for comparing race profiles (distance, elevation, times, drop-out rates): - it's based on data from 2010-2013, depending on the race. So SDW50 looks harder than it is, because it's based on the data from 2013 (the year I ran it) when we had a front come in after the first 3 hours and unprepared runners who had skimped on their waterproofs and warm layers dropping with hypothermia - drop out rate was 24%, which is higher than usual for that race).

  • baldstanbaldstan ✭✭✭
    Congratulations Debra. Considering how hot it was I'm really impressed that your pace wasn't far off last year. I saw a tweet from James Elson saying he thought it was one of the toughest things he's done.
    Good news on the op JAR and on the physio lowrez, your exercises sound a bit like some of the ones a physio gave me a few years ago - he told me to do them whilst brushing my teeth, which gave my kids a laugh.
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
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    Great run Debra :) I am imagining F2D's worse half eagerly arriving with the platter of vegan delicacies only to discover you were long gone :D
    I have to do most of my exercises lying down Stan :D I love my physio!
    Discovered the Forth & Clyde canal at the weekend - all this time I had been thinking the shortest runnable path across Britain was in the 70s of miles. This one is only 35, suppose it depends on your definiton, but it meets my requirements. No events seem to be run on it from end to end, definitely thinking of making a solo effort sometime. Would be a nice day out.
  • Good morning, has anyone booked flights yet? With an overnight low of 38 here and stupidly hot during the day even a slow 10k takes a lot at the minute.

    Congrats on the long runs/races and good luck to those recovering from injury/operations.

    Hoping to meet you all in June! 
  • And out of interest anyone else here a shift worker? We don't have many races in the middle East and everything is on a Friday - Friday and Saturday being the weekend. Struggling to find suitable build up races without lots of flights.

    I type this after working night shift and it's already 41 at 7am, roll on the winter and the high 20s!!
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    There isn't usually a rush for flights this early Dubai, sales can provide some good results in the New Year. Does remind me that I need to sort out the shape of my speed Comrades trip though.

    Blimey things are hot where you are! We usually book a meal on the Friday prior to the run so hope you are up for that, great opportunity to meet :)
  • The heat is harder for bigger people to deal with. Did 18 miles walk/run on Monday with the OH who is 6 foot 2 and he had a lot of trouble with the heat after about 11am. He was conked out for the rest of the day pretty much while I went out for a cycle ride later on :D
  • lowrez, baldstan: thanks.
    F2D: I'm small and I found the heat difficult to deal with!
    I've been sensible since Sunday - went for a very slow jog/walk a mile each way to the shops on Monday for a few things (I've always felt that managing a short distance the day after a long race helps recovery) but not run since then. Legs feel better this morning. Planning to (finally!!!) run my 100th parkrun this Saturday.
  • Peter RPeter R ✭✭✭
    JAR good luck with the recovery, and Lowrez keep doing those exercises .. need you both on the start line next year.

    Debra: Congrats.  I have just come back from 2 weeks in South Africa and I am sure you did a race before i left and a race after I got back .. cant keep up with your schedule :)

    Well having now moved into the V50 - 59 category, I went for a long run on Monday and decided I would commit to the ironman I have been dithering about for 3 months.  Swim is fine (swimming lake Coniston Saturday) and the run is fine so having to do a moths intense cycling to make sure I survive.

    All this talk of food and diets etc!  I eat what ever I can get my hands on, as I always seem to be hungry no matter what I eat.  
  • Hi All,

    This is my first post on RW Forum as I have been lurking for quite a while without signing up but as I am planning on doing my first Comrades in 2020 I thought it would be a good idea to come out of the woodwork and say hello.

    I am about to book some accommodation for Comrades this weekend and at the moment ONOMO seems like quite a good option. I am just waiting to hear back form some club mates before I push the button.

    One question, is staying in Durban the night before the race the best option or do people try and stay in Pietermaritzburg?

  • Getafix it's a personal choice. I'm with the, "You won't sleep anyway and the bus up is part of the experience" crowd. Have happy memories of joking with Colin G in the back of a bus one year while SlowDuck sat in the seat in front of us going green with nerves as he always does, and looking out the window at, mainly, pitch black as we drove up to PMB...
    Also obvs saves you from a lot of faffing with luggage, checking in/out etc etc.
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    I get the impression the vast majority stay in Durbs, there are literally thousands of people taking the buses up to PM, ONOMO is a hotel that a number of us stay at and like.
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Getafix, if you are running some marathon, or above, events to qualify let us know and I'll add them to the list (not updated in weeks, so last posted a good few pages ago)
  • Thanks all, Durban it is then for the duration.

    @lowrez - Im doing Valencia on Dec 1st to get my qualification.
  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    This year, I'm gong with string on PMB the night before.  Gives a few extra hours of sleep/rest (whatever) and eliminates the bus uncertainties.  
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    I was just about to update the list with Hilton for you Dannirr, are you just popping up to PM the night before?
  • Yes - Hilton all other days.  PMB Saturday night

  • Comrades 2020 Qualification
    25Aug Qualification Opens
    Jungfrau (M) Mac3
    Hull (M) marty74
    Berlin (M) Terry48
    Chester (M) Mc Hilly
    Isle of Wight (M) Debra Bourne
    Poznań (M) Becca7
    Abingdon (M) Fido2Dogs, baldstan
    Snowdonia (M) Mc Hilly
    Beachy Head (M) marty74(100th), Debra Bourne
    Ghost of Cyclopark (M) Debra Bourne
    New York (M) Becca7, Mac3
    01 Dec
    Valencia (M) Getafix
    Abu Dhabi (M) Dubai runner
    Muscat (M) Dubai runner
    Dubai (M) Dubai runner
    Tokyo (M) Mc Hilly
    Barcelona (M) 1owrez
    Two Oceans (M) thomasclowes
    02May Qualification and
    Race4Charity (PenCC) Closes

    baldstan, johnny1984, Terry48, Debra Bourne, Becca7, pottermiss
    Hilton 1owrez, Mc Hilly, Dannirr
    ONOMO Slow Duck, justanothrrnr, marty74, Getafix
    Protea Dubai runner

  • I should be taken out of the list above, we sold our Abo entries and entered Munich because we weren't sure we'd make the 5h cutoff (or frankly, the finish at any pace)(though the glucosamine does seem to be a helpful placebo;)
  • Welcome getafix. Valencia is a great marathon and city for that mater. Very quick course with pretty much no elevation. I really enjoyed it.
  • I sense a disturbance in the Strava Force... I am being a right stickler for not letting anyone in to the invitation only club for this thread who doesn't actually contribute on this thread. If you would like to join Getafix, or any other recent contributors, you can ask here: RWUKCT
    So, I have made a "Friends of RWUKCT" invitation only Strava club; I tried to invite all the current member of RWUKCT to join but I can't get the bloody thing to work, so, if you have friends who you would like to be in a Strava club with you associated with us click this: FoRWUKCT currently I am the admin for this too, but eager to hand it over to a volunteer so I don't become the focus of requests (and on-going frustration).
  • Hi all. My plans have changed so now staying at ONOMO and only in S.A Friday to Tuesday

    My qualifier is Yorkshire marathon on 20 October. 

    Wasnt feeling my long training run today so turned it into a 20 mile walk/run to give me an idea of how I cope with that. I particularly enjoyed the walking parts....

    There was some Twitter noise about novices having to run their qualifier before entering Comrades next year, but I can't see anything official. Anyone heard about this? 

    Hope everyones running / rehab is going well 
  • That's longer than I have previously stayed Johnny :) I think a number of us will have qualified before entry opens for 2020 at this rate. Mac will probably achieve it this coming weekend! I've not seen any news on when entries will open yet.
  • Only staying until Tuesday as I assume I will be rendered -almost entirely immobile on the Monday....
  • You will be more spritely than you think, it will probably get more difficult as the day goes on, but I have always made it to Mugg&Bean breakfast, sauntered the mile or so down the beach front for a beer or two at Joe Cool's and been able to stroll back to the hotel for the taxi to the airport, a nice sit down on a plane is very welcome after that :)
  • 1owrez said:

    SS - I need a coach to mither me into shape - despite the wonderful news I left it last night because I am still a bit achy from that 5k, and today I am helping my daughter move house, and its Sunday tomorrow, that's a day of rest isn't it, and then a bank holiday on Monday - I mean, holidays are for relaxing aren't they - and then Tuesday...

    mmm - Have you actually started those exercises yet?

    Peter R - Happy Birthday on the big one! Which ironman are you going to enter?

    Getafix - Welcome

    Johnny1984 - I did Yorkshire as my qualifier a couple of years ago. Nice marathon and area.
  • Johnny1984, I hope the qualifier doesn't have to be done soon, only 2 marathons in the UAE. First is on December - Abu Dhabi - but looking unlikely I can get the time off work, finish at 6am, race starts 160km away 30 min later!!
    And bit hard to train at the minute, 5k today in 39 degrees with a heat index of 46.

  • lowrez, haven't used Strava recently, maybe I should rejoin.
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