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  • Debra, I've nothing against park run, u didn't even know what it was until a year ago, it got my sister in law running.

    Just don't have them where I live and in the last 2 years I've spent 3 days in the UK!
  • We do our c25k courses alongside/within the local parkrun, because it's everyone together from the old to the young in buggies, from the fat to the thin (quite often the thin used to be in the other camp) from the fast to the slow, and also the dogs - so the new runners can *see* that whoever they are, they're not alone.

    It's great when a group battling through Week 6 get lapped by someone going WELL DONE GOOD WORK!
  • Also, it was set up for injured runners to keep in touch with their mates! Though that's not why I'm marshalling this morning thank goodness.
  • Debra, sorry that should read 'i' not u 
  • A non Comrades query, does anyone have experience (or know someone who has experience) of running groups in Shanghai? I probably have the option to go there for a couple of years, but not sure about life without parkrun!
  • McH this is your chance to become Mrs Park Run China! Shanghai is on my to-do list but I've never been there.
  • McH, I lived in shanghai for 4 years and trained for a couple of comrades while living there. Message me direct and I will share some details. 
  • Thanks Peter, I’ve messaged you direct via the runners world site 
  • Dubai runner: I didn't think you were being negative - I was just bubbling with parkrun enthusiasm!
  • I'm knackered. The planned 10 mile walk/run on Sunday turned into 3 miles followed by the bus home. I had spent a couple of hours on my feet before the run though and had a very busy day the day before so just one of those things. 
    McH ooh we would all have an excuse to go out to Shanghai!!
  • Wow, McH, I've only been to Shanghai once.  An interesting place and I'm sure there will be some nice places to run.

    I had a Comrades dream last night.  For some reason, I decided to go and have tea for a couple of hours during the race and then I couldn't find my way back to where I had left off.  
  • Shanghai also on my bucket list, thought about moving to Hong Kong last year, glad I didn't!
  • We would miss you though McH !
  • Qualifier for me this weekend, or at least going to try, in Ironman Italy.  Fingers crossed as I haven't done enough work on the bike to do the marathon well so we will see how that goes!

    Becca, last year after I finished my 9th Comrades I had several dreams about the race and never finished once.  I also ended up in strange places doing strange things and couldn't find my way back.  They stopped as soon as I got my green number.
  • Debra BourneDebra Bourne ✭✭✭
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    Peter R: good luck for your Ironman!
    (... does anyone else get people who know you're an ultrarunner asking when/whether you're going to do an Ironman - as if that must be the next step to take? I must get asked it at least once a month. I love running and I'm really not interested in putting in the time in the pool and on the bike, rather than running, that I'd need to do an Ironman - and reading about all the pushing and kicking in the swim at triathlons has totally put me off the idea.)
  • Peter - good luck at the weekend.

    I did 2 Ironmans before ultra running so I usually just get asked what crazy thing I'm doing next :)
  • Good luck Peter R.  
  • Mac3Mac3 ✭✭✭
    Peter NL - good to note Park Run comes to the Netherlands.  It was strange to me it wasn't here already. As my flight back to the UK was delayed by 2 1/2 hours I missed the one I aimed to make!
    Peter R - good luck for the weekend.

  • Hello all,  so I saw the Comrades statement about entries,  they're very fortunate that runners aren't the typical detail oriented, time conscious and routine-driven monsters or there'd be some real concern out there!   Wondering how after almost 100 years this has become so complicated,  I can't even run and I'm impatient!

    I also have good news, I'm out of crutches and by Friday I lose the leg brace (and therefore a seat on the train).  I have unlimited physio they tell me starting Tuesday and will only have to "avoid hip flexion with knee extension" for the next 6 weeks.  Might have to write that in felt tip on my right leg on day 1!

    Realistically it'll be close to 4 months or more before being given the green light to return to full training - lots of work ahead!  What's not good is the news that almost half the people who've had this surgery struggle with trusting the repaired leg.  Sounds like many don't treat the affected leg the same and as a result have strength disparities despite having made a full recovery.   Something to be aware of I guess.  Please let me know if you see me running aimlessly in circles.

  • Jar - really good news about the leg. Sounds like its all going in the right direction.
  • Great to hear from you jar and that things are moving in a positive direction even if the Can Can is off the agenda for the time being.  
  • JAR that sounds like you're making good progress. From my experience after I broke my ankle, I suggest you consider taking a crutch with you for a week or so after you're out of the brace, as you may find you do need a seat and therefore the consideration of other passengers on the train - it's a good visual signal. As for the future - do the physio! I found it helped to have a grid in which I ticked off every time I did my exercises each day.
  • Enjoy Italy PeterR and JAR good to hear you're out and about!
  • JAR - glad the recovery process has started well, keep on the right track...

    Peter - bets of luck for your Ironman, I'm sure you will go well.

    Mac3 - well done at the Jungrau, sounds an epic race!!
  • Glad to hear you'll soon be back on your feet JAR without the crutches, hope the physio goes well. And good luck in Italy Peter, should be lovely weather for it and looks like a decent route.
    Debra, I do get asked whether I'm going to do a triathlon some time, but then I tell them I can't even swim front crawl...
  • baldstan said:

    Debra, I do get asked whether I'm going to do a triathlon some time, but then I tell them I can't even swim front crawl...
    Many a triathlete entered a race in that exact same position :):):)
  • JAR sounds like good progress so far, hope it continues to go well. 
    Good luck with the Ironman Peter. I think there maybe live stream coverage via Facebook? I might try watching the end, would be pleasant relaxing after my much shorter run in the morning!
  • > @Southern Snail said:
    > Peter - good luck at the weekend.
    > I did 2 Ironmans before ultra running so I usually just get asked what crazy thing I'm doing next :)

    I'm the same, I've done three. My original love was for cycling but over the last couple of years I have really struggled with the motivation and enjoyment, i think this is mainly down to other road users and I have found it has stopped me from heading outdoors. Last years Ironman I did nearly all my cycling indoors, this year i went outside a fair bit more but had a lot bit of anxiety about each ride beforehand... But the positive is running has really become my focus now, I love it and really want to see where I can get with it.
  • Re. Ironmans: to clarify, I have nothing but admiration for those who do Ironman-length triathlons - it's an amazing achievement. It's the assumption that to really achieve I have to do one, as if e.g. 100-mile races are somehow lesser. Irritating along the same lines as the people who ask me "So have your run The Marathon?" - by which they mean London, as if no other marathons counted!
    Getafix: sorry that other road users have ruined cycling for you - but very glad you've been able to move to running and get enjoyment out of that. I love trail running in particular, especially long distance - with bonus enjoyment when I pass a skylark hanging in the sky and singing its heart out, or glimpse a deer, or spot a red kite, or whatever.
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