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    Millsy - I've realised that your Comrades profile is not updated with the qualifying pen.  This is only confirmed with the periodic Entry Verification emails that we will receive from Comrades.  These seem to be sent at the end of the month and last year the first of these was sent on 30th December.
  • Becca ISTR staying in the hotel *in* the airport in 2011 - felt a bit sheepish that a guy from the hotel basically came out to lead us all the way through the airport and we had nothing to tip him with. 
  • Becca yep there is a hotel in the airport terminal, also holiday inn/ premier inn nearby.

    Or if it's during the day get the metro to Dubai Mall, remember in June it will be mid 40s during the day.
  • Hello all.

    <span> I’ve been a bit quiet but finally getting some time to do comrades planing! </span>

    Sorry to read about ongoing injury woes for some. Fingers crossed for recovery soon. I am concerned about picking up the miles and then the injuries start ... 

    I was going to run Paris as qualifier but I’ve now entered Barcelona, aim to qualify  on the 15/3 now. Hope it’s not leaving it too late. I’ve also been one of the lucky ones to get a London marathon place for next year so will give Paris a miss. <div>
    </div><div>I was going to book comrades flights in January ... hoping for a good post Xmas deal!! </div><div>
    </div><div>Happy running everyone... 
  • This was not meant to be a reply to this message!! Multitasking badly over here. Soz. 
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    Thanks for info Fido and Dubairunner.  I had already booked that hotel in the airport as I'd remembered seeing it on previous visits and thinking how nice it would be to have a nap.

    Barcelona sounds good, LoveLifeRun.  A nice city and Spanish marathons tend to be excellent, plus the earlier date is good.

    I've now booked Peterborough Marathon in April as I'm not doing London next year but that will just be a nice plod round.
  • LLR - you'll be fine with a qualifier in March. Hope you can get going without injuries. Plenty of time yet.

    I haven't even looked at flights yet as we can't work out what dates to do and whether to tag on a bit of a holiday somewhere else afterwards.
  • Also also waiting for Xmas sales to book flights...
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    Good to see talk of flight sales next month, I have left it much later than usual, still haven't purchased, seems weird planning a few extra days to stay; normally I fly back Monday, plus I am just popping up to Joburg taking a break around there sort of and then flying back home maybe a week later, need to persuade the search engines to conform to that scenario.

    Have been doing exercises/stretches to try and address what I think is a high IT band flare over my hip - it has worked so far - ran a mile last night with no reaction - except I tweaked the ham on my other leg - ha ha! Only a mild strain though, hoping to get out this weekend again after it settles.

    LLR that's 3 of us in Barcelona now! I must update the list.

    SS - are you marathoning this weekend for a qualifier? Where?

    F2D that is not the first time I have needed to google one of your acronyms - love them :)
  • I am marathoning again tomorrow. On the Thames - again. Phoenix running.

    We've done Jo'burg after Comrades both times and it's all worked out fine. 
  • Snail: good luck for tomorrow!
  • SS, good luck and go well on the Thames tomorrow.  No more earphone mishaps.
  • Debra - belated best wishes for your 100th last weekend. Well done, a great achievement seeing you don't tend to run many marathons :)

    SS - enjoy the towpath again with Phoenix. They are a much friendlier bunch!!!

    I'm off to Goodwood this weekend to run the 20 mile race there. Don't expect anyone else form here will be there but will have Comrades stuff none the less. Interested to see how my training is coming along.

    As for flights, i am hopeful too of grabbing something in the sales during / after Xmas.

    Lowrez - keep doing those exercises!!!!

    I have also just signed up for the Gloucester Marathon in January. Am running with a friend to get her a qualifier. So there will be a sub 4 bus running round the course if anyone wants to tag along ;)
  • Comrades qualifier no 2 in the bag. 4h 39

    Marty - Phoenix are definitely a much friendlier bunch and it was good to recognise so many faces from the 10 in 10 earlier in the year. Enjoy Goodwood tomorrow.

    Hope everyone else has a good running weekend.
  • Snail, it's so good to hear that!

    Marty, have a good time at Goodwood.

    Lowrez,  here's hoping the exercises/stretches are effective.
  • SS - Fantastic news. Great running and now to enjoy Christmas safe in the knowledge that qualification is sorted.

    Goodwood was fun. They had a number of events from 5k to the marathon. I chose the 20 miler to basically (as i have got older and moved up an age category), to see if i could get our club record in my age category. Got windier as the laps progressed but had enough in the tank to see myself with a new PB of 2.26.23 and also bettered the club record by 14 minutes. So a good day all round. At least i can have my name on the club records list for a few weeks until one of the faster runners at our club beats it :D

    And now to relax for a while.....
  • Congratulations Debra!  Outstanding running to get to 100.

    Well done too SouthernSnail for your qualification

    I'm crocked here after I tripped in a pothole running at night.  Ankle ligaments - no running for 3 weeks already

    I bought a farm with my very own hill - hill training will never be a problem again.  Neither will I need to go to the gym either.  There are lots of strenuous things to do - we can pump water out of the ground, but need to carry it.  I'm building a new platform at the top of the old water tower so got to climb that 10 times in a day. Shoveling, digging, carrying.....

    Anyway I will also have a new 'proper job' - I am in my last few days in Joburg (242km round trip per day) and will move to a job with a 12km round trip commute so lots more time for running from next year.

    I'm still not on the start list although my manual entry has been there a month.

    Good running to all

  • Sounds amazing Bike It, although hard work!! Maybe you could put on training camps?
  • And sorry to hear about your injury, broke my ankle running in 1998 when I tripped over a step. 6 weeks before my wedding, got the plaster cast off early as my wife didn't want me in plaster for the wedding.
  • Bike It - sorry to hear about the injury. Hopefully you can get going again soon. How exciting for you to buy a farm with lots go workouts in it. Good luck with that. Sounds like you have a job as well as a farm. Should keep you out of mischief. Fingers crossed your name will appear on the start list soon.
  • Bike it - sorry to hear about the injury, but I absolutely love the idea of sorting out hill training by buying a hill!  :)
  • BikeIt, your new venture sounds exciting. Best of luck with it. 
    I hope you shake off your injury soon.
  • BI - exciting times ahead then. Perhaps we could do a hill training camp once you are all set up?? :)

    Debra - hope you enjoyed Samphire Hoe yesterday despite the weather and receiving your well deserved 100 marathon shirt.
  • Hi All,

    Bikeit, rest up and get better soon.

    I hope everyone else is good and you are all managing to train/eat and drink during the festive period.

    I haven't posted in a while because I was avoiding all run chat as I was getting fed up with the injury. I decided to pull out of Valencia at the last min which was hard but the right decision.

    The injury seems to have gone now and full training is in progress (minus a few days with a cold last week). I've entered Seville in Feb to try and get a PB and ensure comrades qualification so a full training plan over Christmas is in place. I managed to do a fair bit of training on the turbo and elliptical trainer while i was injured so I haven't lost much fitness. Its so good to be back!!!!!!!!
  • Marty: thanks. Yes, Had a great day. The cake was fantastic (made by Mary Taylor, with whom I shared my 10-in10s) and very tasty. The weather could have been a lot worse (and was on the Sunday, apparently) - the wind got up from about lap 4 and there was a stinging shower for about 15 minutes but thankfully after that squall passed it remained dry. We were on the alternate course - the sea wall was closed due to risks from waves.
  • Debra BourneDebra Bourne ✭✭✭
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    Bike It: belated (sorry - last week was crazy busy) sympathies for the ankle. The change in commute has to be a good thing. And the farm sounds like it will provide excellent oportunities for both hill training and strngth training. Here's hoping you get the entry confirmation soon.
    I've finally started strength training using the basic circuit suggested for Comrades plus a couple of add-ons for my arm strength.
    Getafix: glad to hear your injury is finally gone. Well done on keeping up the fitness and good luck for onward training.
  • Debra - Glad you had a great day Cake looks massive. Hope you enjoyed it. Ran the first 2 laps of my last marathon with Mary and she said she'd made you a cake :) She's on about 85 now. Great collection of medals.

    Getafix - glad the injury has gone and you're back in the swing of things
  • Snail: the cake was not only amazing but also delicious. Got a lot of comments for being both vegan and tasty!
    Re. medals, my husband is convinced that one night we will hear an almighty crash as the weight of the medals tears one of the wardrobe doors of its hinges. I have to decide whether, in January to start on the next door to the left - which is less visible - or move the older medals (presently on the right hand door) either up to the small cupboard doors above or to the leftmost door and put the new ones on the rightmost door.
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    Well done on the 100 Debra - that was a very quick accumulation - is there a list of how rapidly people have achieved it, you must be at or near the front?

    Hope you recover well Bike It, love that you have changed lifestyle and own a hill, sounds like a lot of work on top of that, it will be astonishingly good for your running I suspect.

    Yay! SS you bounced back!

    Good that you got a fix Getafix! :D

    I have been grappling with going back to London and finally decided to do it. Think I have sorted my injury too but I am a long way behind where I wanted to be now, so I better go out for a run :) after I do my physio of course. Keep meaning to update the list, still meaning to - ha ha!
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    lowrez, believe it or not I was quite slow to reach 100 - my first five were run in 2012. Even if you look at the final 87 being in a period of less than three years (after losing most of 2014-2016 due to injuries), 26 February 2017 to 30 November 2019, there are still lots of people reaching 100 much faster than me. I might be higher up on the number of race miles in the 100 races, as I was less than a mile under 3,600 official miles. And I'm somewhat proud of no DNFs along the way.
    Keep on with the physio and the running!
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