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  • Bladstein - You must live near me. I do a lot of running around Dulwich and include College Road in my long runs and will be doing quite a few reps and sessions of it in the lead up to comrades.
  • ....... too late to correct the typos: Three Forts and Lloyd parkrun's 500th not 100th!
    lowrez: distance/miles doesn't seem to be a problem for me, other than being tired. It's speed work that injures me - I do have to be careful with that. I ran 24 marathons/ultras in 2017, 38 in 2018, 26 in 2019 (28 if you count the 3 days of the Devil's Challenge separately). I'm aiming for about 15-20 this year - mostly ultras, plus Beachy Head and one road marathon.

  • Getafix: in 2017 and 2018 I did a lot of my training by running from Elmers End to Herne Hill via Crystal Palace and College Road in the morning and back in the evening - did that 2-3 times a week, cycled there and back the other two days (plus Wednesday evening club run and a long run on a Sunday).
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    On my New Year's Day run, I had these guys for company. I think they might be baboon footprints.

    We also have seen a Rooicat (carachal  I think in English)
  • Wow! Wildlife envy. I had a badger cross my path at night during the Ridgeway 86 in 2018, and I get to see deer occasionally, and cool birds such as red kites, but that's about it.
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    Yes, my most unexpected animal sighting so far has also been a badger, in Richmond Park, and a tawny owl perched on a signpost on the South Downs Way, which I only noticed when it flew off.
    Getafix and Debra, I know College Road and Crystal Palace well, I sometimes run a loop from home at the weekend that takes me through Crystal Palace Park, Sydenham Hill Woods and Dulwich Park and back round to Streatham, we've probably passed each other at some point.
    lowrez hope you had some better news from the physios today and you'll be able to do the 777 without being in pain, and Bike It all the best for a speedy recovery.
    Debra, it looks like you've got another good year of races planned. I hope to come and join you and the Striders on the 19th then, and am looking forward to some serious hills.
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    Just looking at Emirates, Birmingham flights now down to £636, or £607 for heathrow (out on Wednesday night arriving Thurs afternoon, leaving Durban on Tuesday). I'll have to pull the trigger soon - got the lurgy so focus is on admin rather than miles!
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    In our Christmas quiz we had the question:-
    What is a Caracal:-
    a. Bird
    b. Fish
    c. Animal

    I thought the quiz master had said Coracle and insisted it was a boat, we had to ask if it was a trick question

    We had an Italian on our team who said it was a snail (Caracol), and that they were delicious so we put c. Animal

    The answer was it was a wild cat - we got the right answer :D

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    I am still in some pain, which has been apparently self inflicted, damn! Plus I have made it worse over the course of this week in the lead up to yesterday's phys appointment by continuing with the exercises through the pain. All these irksome "ouches" are me going at the exercises with too much gusto and my body reacting negatively. So I need to cool me jets and let things settle down whilst still doing the phys, but gently, and not over extending and if anything hurts leave that bit out and try again tomorrow.

    They have also given me some active exercises to do; steps and lunges etc, as long as there is no pain. This is what had been frustrating me more than anything these past few months; it was "just" stretch, stretch, stretch... so I suppose the good news is there isn't anything massively wrong with me, I just need to be patient and go through the process. Plus still a green light to run, but not excessively, oh dear, if it causes complications

    Still in some pain on certain movements today so still no running for me... daft when I have about 3 weeks left, but all I can do is rest and get to that start line in some kind of shape.
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    I still need to buy my flights, to SA, and my return from Miami!
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    Blimey, there is so much to do in SA I am spoilt for choice. Haven't purchased flights yet because I wanted to fit it all in, but have come to the obvious decision that if I plan to run several more Comrades then there will in fact be ample time to do it all year on year, so I should just bite off a manageable slice this time around. Have just finished reading up on how "the Kop end" of several football grounds originated.
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    So: booking the direct BA flights. It's (in round figures) 12 hours on the plane. Is it worth paying the extra £35 each way for the chance to book a seat 24 hours before the flight (also gives NOT last to board and hold luggage if wanted - although with hand luggage including laptop bag plus cabin bag that's really not needed unless I take stuff to give to one of the charities...?) It means I should be able to book an aisle seat, I hope, which makes it easier to get up and walk around. That's pretty much it.
  • lowrez: take care of yourself!
  • I'd say it's worth it Debra, but I'm tall, I used to commute London - Dubai and premium economy was a good option and a lot cheaper than club. The last time I flew with them I was upgraded to first, now that really is the way to travel.

    It was raining yesterday, first run in the rain in 11 months, the novelty wore off after about a mile..
  • Dubairunner: my husband is 6ft 5, and when he came with me to South Africa in 2018, the first thing I did after we boarded each flight was catch the attention of one of the flight attendants and beg for him to be allowed to move into any increased leg room seat if one was available, even if that meant splitting us up. I'm 5ft 2 and airline leg room isn't a problem for me - but I decided to pay the £35 each way extra and hope it means I can get an aisle seat, so it's easier to move around.
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    Just booked with BA, didn't feel particularly cheap, but, the cheaper tickets the search engines kept throwing up had too many connections with disperse airlines and no baggage allowance.

    Feels good to have the thing out of the way, forget the price!
  • Debra, your husband must hate flying. My treat to myself is to fly business. My 13 year old is already 6'2!! Although the beds in club on BA are only 6 foot but 6'6 in first!!
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    Lowrez, must be getting close to taper time for you! I hope your injuries don’t prevent you enjoying your massive adventure!
    Im now settling into Shanghai, went to a city 4 hours drive away last week, there wasn’t a single hill or undulation during the whole journey! However I have found good options for running, there is a great Greenway path by the river, that goes for miles, and it does have a few ramps on it as it goes over roads or waterways, so if you pick the right bit you could do good hill reps, I just need the air quality to improve a bit!
    Have now entered Pyongyang half/Mara on 12th April, not 100% sure which distance I’ll do.  if you want to finish in the stadium which will be an amazing but surreal experience you have to make 4h, so if I’m really fast (for me) in Tokyo and think I stand a chance of 4h it would be a good opportunity to improve my qualifying time. If I’m really slow in Tokyo and don’t qualify, I’ll have to go for the marathon.  But more realistic is that I end up dining the half, which would have the benefit of being able to take my time, look around, take pictures (when allowed!) and enjoy the stadium finish!
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    McH sounds like great fun discovering your new running environment. Sub4? Wow that is a demanding target to aim for, be careful, the faster you head into new territory the closer to injury you approach!

    It would be great to be getting enough miles in to warrant a taper :D unfortunately I am well into my second week now without running; this 777 is going to be a surreal affair for me! I was going to try a run this evening, but, my rise and fall desk arrived today and I of course spent quite a bit of time, a vast amount I suppose compared to normal, stood up. My mid back started aching and my left side came out in sympathy! Everything has kinda returned to normal during the course of this evening, although I suspect that "normal" is not the perfect place my bones need to be, slouched into my old habit of sitting. I am reflecting that now was not the best point in my recovery for this new desk to arrive.

    My head keeps trying to formulate how much I should attempt to run when the event launches - I reckon I could cruise a half marathon distance no problem, so maybe I should jog a mile walk a mile and see how it pans out, could I keep that approach going for the 7?
  • Lowrez- your running history suggests you've got a good mental knack of toughing out long distances, so I'm sure you could run/walk 777 if you put your mind to it. Whether it would be a good idea for your longer term fitness is another question, particularly if you're still in regular pain come race day 1. Is there any facility to defer, or do you lose all your fee if you don't start this year? Whatever happens, all power to you and good luck!

    I finally seem to be shaking the lurgy- it was excess weight and poor fitness that made today's run tough, rather than constant coughing/hacking B)  That's a kind of progress, I guess.

    One for the list- I've entered Peterborough marathon on 5th April. Will hopefully keep my training focussed, plus my sister lives there so its a cheapo option for me. 
  • Oh, and if anyone tends to fly from Gatwick or Stanstead, then the Emirates flights are cheap at the mo
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    That Greenway looks great McH.  A couple of years ago when sub-4 was a breeze I quite fancied running Pyongyang Marathon.

    I'm running Peterborough Marathon as well, Johnny.  I don't think it will be much use for hill training.

    I hope the remaining time before the 777 goes well lowrez.
  • After much anticipation on my part, Brooks have opened a running store in Dubai. Needed something to replace my Saucony Kinvaras after Saucony pulled out of the middle East. 

    So wanted to try the Ghost, but here they are stocking 46 or 47.5, I take a 47. Have bought 47.5 but not sure about them. 

    Anyway off to the Versace for an afternoon of champagne and seafood, perfect training for a marathon next Friday!!
  • Still haven't got the 2020 competitors in the site yet lowrez.
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Damn site ate my last comment, happens once in a while, so annoying, not typing all that again... in summary.

    Not deferring, too keen to take part. Good to see you are improving Johnny.

    Other competitors not submitting are holding up the bio publishing.

    Thanks Becca - the drama continues :D - 2 miles run tonight and I am hanging in there.
  • Hello all. Is anyone going to the National Running Show at Birmingham NEC this weekend? The Ultra Zone looks pretty good. I will hopefully be there to see talks from Camille Herron, Lazarus Lake, Dean Karnazes etc. Tickets available online or on the door. I think they might be £10 now, but if you register early each year they give them away for free

  • Just finished listening to the No Finish Line podcast with Richard Donovan, def worth a listen, talks quite a bit about lowrezs up coming challenge
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    Not dropping in on the show Johnny.

    I will have to listen to that cast Dubai, I was chatting with Richard on e-mail last night.
  • Mc Hily: glad you're settling in, and good luck with Tokyo and Pyongyang.
    baldstan: did you get to the Striders' run on Sunday? I was in Manchester visiting gamily.
    Johnny: it's a great ultrarunning line-up, but I need a weekend at home.
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    Debra, yes I did. What a lovely, friendly club, and what a beautiful morning it was too. I just joined Alan and the group doing the 90 minute steady run, and had a great time. I'm not sure when I can come down again on a Sunday, but I'll probably try some of the hills you suggested this Saturday on my long run.
    johnny1984, I was very tempted to go just to hear Lazarus Lake, would be good to hear what it's like.
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