Which orthotics for posterior tybial tendonitis?

After having plantar fasciitis in both feet over a four year period, which thankfully cleared up a few years back, I've now got posterior tybial tendon disfunction in my right foot.
I've had it off and on for around 3 years now and quite frankly I'm sick to death of it.
Does anyone have any recommendations for over the counter orthotics, inserts or strapping i can buy to help?
My arch is non existent, my inner ankle is severely bruised and my current inserts don't seem to be helping.

I've tried a few times to re-start running on a treadmill which is fine, but the minute I run outdoors it flares up again. I've learned my lesson and next time the pain is under control, I'm sticking to the treadmill.

Davy !!!
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