Which orthotics for posterior tybial tendonitis?

After having plantar fasciitis in both feet over a four year period, which thankfully cleared up a few years back, I've now got posterior tybial tendon disfunction in my right foot.
I've had it off and on for around 3 years now and quite frankly I'm sick to death of it.
Does anyone have any recommendations for over the counter orthotics, inserts or strapping i can buy to help?
My arch is non existent, my inner ankle is severely bruised and my current inserts don't seem to be helping.

I've tried a few times to re-start running on a treadmill which is fine, but the minute I run outdoors it flares up again. I've learned my lesson and next time the pain is under control, I'm sticking to the treadmill.

Davy !!!


  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    Hi Davy. I am sorry not to answer your Q directly but my thoughts are more out of concern as to whether you should be looking to run.  Can you raise up on tip toes on both feet, esp the right foot?  Can you walk around on tip toes without wobbling around (demi pointe)?  If not, I would not rush to look to orthotics as the solution before strengthening the peroneal and post tib tendons.  If you have already done  this and it hasn't improved things, I would not run because of the worry of exacerbating a structural issue further.  I had surgery last summer to repair a torn post tib tendon which came on very suddenly without warning. I was lucky it was caught in time but had I left it any longer, I would not have been guaranteed a return to running or, indeed, walking pain free. A year later and I am only just back up to 45 min runs. Surgery was needed even though I had stopped running for months to allow the tendon to settle down, stopped high impact activity, and worn an aircast boot for weeks.  It is the worst injury I would not wish on anyone so please consider whether your inserts don't work because it is not something that orthotics can remedy.  So sorry to be such a misery guts.  I really hope you can improve the situation.
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