Proximal hamstring tendinopathy or piriformis syndrome

Early this year, after showing off and showing how flexible I was a pulled my hamstring, I had only been running for a month or two at this point, anyway I went to the physio and was told I had proximal hamstring tendinopathy and was looking at 6 months + for recovery, but i was still ok to run, just don’t do hills and take it easy, now 3 months on down the line, it doesn’t bother me when running, I get the occasional tight hamstring feeling, but when I am sat at home or especially when driving I get the dreaded pain in the butt, but this pain also affects my ankle. Has anyone ever suffered with this kind of pain? If so how did you treat it? It’s driving me mad


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Get yourself a foam roller, and some spiky balls (something like this The balls help release the tension in the piriformis/glutes, and the roller loosens off the hamstrings.  Don't forget to roll calves and back muscles too, to complete the set.

    I've suffered on and off for years - but the roller/ball combo has been the most effective for keeping it under control.

  • hev34hev34 ✭✭
    Thank you I have a foam roller, but will invest in the spikey balls, and give it ago, hopefully I will get some relief
  • Hi There, wondering if you could offer me some advice - I have recently started running in earnest as part of a new health regime for turning 40!. I've been really enjoying the challenge of extending my distance day on day and have a new found love of the road. I have been running 3 days on one off and the last few occasions was achieving 5.2K per run which I am so proud of given I didn't run prior. However, the last ling run I did I felt my thigh tightening up and going stiff, then I got a tender sore spot in my right buttock and now when I have been sat in the car commuting or at my desk I get a spasm / shooting pain at the top of my thigh at the back and sometimes to my top buttock / lower back. The thigh still feels tight and my movement is restricted. Stupidly I've been doing these runs without a warm up trying to fir them in before work so I only have myself to blame - But wondering if anyone can advise me on A.) what it could be and B.) how I alleviate the issue and get myself back on the road. It doesn't hurt whilst running (I tried a short 2K the other morning which probably didn't help) but it did feel like I was running with a false leg!! I'm new so apologies if this isn't the right place , just really want some help.
  • hev34hev34 ✭✭

    It sounds like it could be the same thing or maybe a bit of sciatica, i would make an appointment with a physio, they are the best people to diagnose you, and start you with a set of exercises to help you, sorry I can’t give you a better answer.
  • I have a posterior thigh pain that only presents itself during running. How do I know if this is piriformis syndrome/pulled hamstring/sciatica...?
  • Hi Hev34,
    I'm a chiropractor and see issues like this all the time.
    If it's still niggling get in to see somebody for a proper assessment. There can be knock on (or associated) effects of hamstring tendinopathy. The obvious one is sacroiliac joint trouble, which can lead to pain in the bum and down to the lower leg, but there are numerous other potential causes.
    A proper diagnostic process for this should include a neurological exam to rule out sciatic involvement, as well as testing your muscles and joints from your lower back down to your foot.
    Nearly all of the potential causes of your symptoms are easily resolved, so I wouldn't worry too much!
  • AbrahamMike and Arlene_H, the same advice applies. So many things can cause pain and tightness in the thigh that without a physical assessment you're going to be shooting in the dark.
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