Struggling with pace

I’ve been running about 4 months now, I was a total beginner, I’m signed up to do the GNR and I can currently run approx 7/8 miles, but I struggle with pace, currently run approx 9 minute mile, when I’m running this doesn’t feel very fast, but within 3/4 miles I’m tired so I know it is too fast for me, but when I try slow down I feel like I’m practically walking, any advice is appreciated.


    hev34 - you just have to learn to slow down otherwise you're going to be in for a painful and miserable GNR.  Try and relax when you run and make sure you're not getting out of breath, so still able to hold a conversation.  If you're using music then ditch that for the time being as the music may be pushing you to run faster, concentrate on keeping the pace down. 

    If you've done a 5k or 10k put your race PB in a pace training calculator and it will tell you what pace you should be training at.

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    Hi hev34 - Shades is absolutely right it is about slowing things down. It does sound counter intuitive, but the long slow runs are all about time on feet rather than pace and distance. As Shades suggests look at a race calculator based on your other times to see what your race pace might be and then aim to train at a minute slower than that.

    Additionally if there's a running group near you see if they do race training, including the long runs. Running in a group is an excellent way to keep to a particular pace. And the pain is shared  :)  
  • I have the same problem although a 9 minute mile would be great for me. My issue is my heart rate any faster than a 10 mile and my heart rate goes up around the 190 mark which is so annoying as my breathing and everything else is fine. I did the Swansea half this weekend and had an average hate rate of 180 bpm. Don’t know how I’m supposed to go slower to get faster 😂 
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    Hi Simon - Heart Rate Zone training might be the answer for you. I suppose, firstly, are you using a chest strap to monitor your heart or is it on your watch? Chest straps are far more accurate, whereas the ones on a watch can be a bit misleading.

    If you work out your max heart rate (220-age) then that's the upper limit and you work in a zone between, say, 120bpm to your max. This forces you to go slower as you're trying to keep within that limit. Bear in mind this can be very frustrating to begin with as you feel you're having t go very slowly to keep within your range. However the more you do it the harder you will then have to work to get your heart rate up.
  • Hi Folks I'm a newbie too (and I can only dream of a 9 minute mile). I struggle with pacing but I found that slowing down in my training helped a lot - Being able to pace myself through my long runs has made training a much more pleasant experience which in turn has made my runs (I'm not racing anyone except myself) much more successful. I know its a struggle to get there to begin with and really frustrating, I changed my long run playlist so that it kicks off with some slower tunes which help settle me into the right pace for me. Not sure if this will help though ............Have fun
  • Even if you feel like walking might be quicker, just keep at it.

    You use different muscles when you run compared to when you walk, and you probably have spent a lot more of your life walking than running. It makes sense that walking would be more efficient because you've practiced it more.

    Over time your muscles build up and work more efficiently, and your body will get better at carrying oxygen around your body if you keep training and maintaining an elevated heart rate. Little by little you'll find your jogging pace quickens and it'll be less frustrating.

    Running takes a lot of discipline. You have to stop yourself getting carried away and running faster than you should.
  • You can calculate your training pace for easy runs based off a recent PR. Theres plenty available online.

    Then use an app like strava and attempt to run at that pace, after enough runs you will get used to what that pace feels like.
  • I listen to talking books when I do long runs as there slow relaxed pace helps me not go off like the clappers at the start of a race
  • good luck with the pace
  • Is the garmin 235 worse than the heart rate monitor
  • have you tried strength training for your legs?
  • Hi Hev 34,
    Ive been jogging for less than 2 months now and have had great help/advice from Shades and Guarddog I've moved off Wrist Based trackers to a chest strap and my zone 4/5 jogs are around 12+ min/mile currently for an hour, then next day is zone 2/3 HR for me for 1 1/2 hours usually 7/8 mile but alot lower intensity, as said, just starting out and maintaining 80% zone 2/3 with 1 day (20%) zone 4/5 - Since starting this routine I have felt a lot better and much more relaxed with exercise, I've lost nearly 4 stone since starting with 3 mile walks and building up to 5 mile walks, then the next natural progression to Jogging - this is where I'm at, at the moment and at 55 I really need to monitor my HR as just starting from couch to walking then jogging, with peace of mind and not really any aches or pains yet - so I will continue !!
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