marathon postponed due to illness - training advice needed


I was due to run a trail marathon last week but went down with a very heavy cold which has forced me to have 10 days off. I was absolutley gutted. Six months of training down the swanee.
Anyway, I had done 10 days of my two week taper, then I've had 10 days off sick. Today I managed a wheezy 2.5 miles of run 3 min/walk 30 secs.

There is an alternative trail marathon next week (which I think is too soon) or one the week after (14 July). My plan , as long as I feel okay healthwise, is to gradually increase my running over the next week and then do a 10 miler the week before the marathon and then have a 6-7 day taper. I hope to reboot my fitness, build on the long run fitness I already have and, perhaps most importantly, rebuild my confidence.

Does this seem like a good plan or lunacy? I want to make a decent stab at it not just end up walking the whole thing (although my original time goal was a modest 5 - 5.25 hours.) Any thoughts or advice?

Thanks Jaja


    Jaja - that's a very heavy cold indeed if you've had to take 10 days off plus you're still not recovered.   Are you sure it was only a cold and not a chest infection?

    I would rest until you are well again before running again, you will delay your recovery and could make yourself vulnerable to picking up another virus.

    If you record your resting heart rate then only resume running when it's back to your normal range.

    I would delay entering any marathon and if you recover fully in time for the race on the 14th then do a late entry.   Any running you do now will have no effect on your performance on race day, your training is done.

    There are plenty more races later in the year if you don't recover in time for the 14th and when you're well again, it won't take you too long to get back your fitness.
  • JajaJaja ✭✭
    Hi Shades, 

    I've been thinking much the same deep down and hearing from an impartial observer, like your good self, has helped me to accept it.  I've still got sinus pain and whoosiness and even a five mile hike today made me wheeze like a 60 a day smoker.

    Plus I feel totally uninspired and unmotivated, which is probably my body's way of telling me to rest.

    I'll be back to complete my Unfinished Business later on.

    Thank you for your time and help
    Jaja - rest up until you feel well again and that mojo will come back.

    Sounds like you had much more than a cold
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