Advice for a New runner & few questions

Good Morning All,
New to the forum and looking for a little bit of advice on if i'm doing things right or not?
I have never done running and only about 3 weeks into it and so far absolutely love it! I'm gutted on the nights i cant go feel like its a waste of a night which not sure how long that will last but for now, i'll enjoy it.
Last night i attempted my first EVER 5k and feel so good and proud of myself for doing it :smiley:

This is my progress...(Distance - Time - Avg pace (km)
1. 3.28k - 00:18:33 - 5:39 km
2. 3.23k - 00:18:20 - 5:41 km
3. 3.26k - 00:17:09 - 5:16 km
4. 3.26k - 00:17:11 - 5:16 km
5. 3.24k - 00:16:48 - 5:11 km
6. 3.27k - 00:17:02 - 5:13 km (Had a bit of back ache this day)
7. 5.02k - 00:26:11 - 5:13 km

Am i doing it right? Is there any issues / concerns i'm not aware of which 'experts' would be?
Do i keep pushing my 5k time or mix it between the 2miler (3.2k) one I've been doing?

Any advice would be much appreciated, i'm running "blind" at the moment.


  • ash493ash493 ✭✭
    very impressive Webby03. No advice for you I'm afraid as I only part way through the C25K but good luck and hope you carry on enjoying it
  • xink1982xink1982 ✭✭✭

    Hi Webby - My running days are sadly limited these days - but I would advise you to join a club. You will learn more about tempo runs, meet new friends and no doubt improve your fitness more with more structured training.

    I joined my club in 2009 and my first 10k was 45 minutes.

    Within 2 to 3 years I was constantly running sub 40.

    Where I live there is a 800 metre stretch of pavement with no roads and one of my sessions involved running that distance at about 70 -80% max speed, resting for 2 minutes or so and repeating this 5 or 6 times.

    That's a 4k session where your working hard and getting a recovery instead of slogging it out on a long run

    Good Luck

  • Webby03Webby03 ✭✭
    > @xink1982 said:

    Thank you very much for your advice, i think i have a similar straight pathway which i could use, could be ideal to try that.
    I was going to get my fitness up before joining a club as feel im not fit enough yet, but will look to join one.
    Thanks :smile:
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    I wouldn't worry about fitness in terms of joining a club Webby03. Clubs have a wide variety of abilities when it comes to running and looking at your times above I would say you wouldn't be the slowest.
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