Race to the Stones 2019 moved 4 sections to the back... why?

PascalPascal ✭✭
What is the point of having stating how long it will take to complete RTTS and confirming your ‘wave’ section, only to be moved to the back???

My start time was confirmed in September 2018 that I would be in WAVE D. Upset/anxiety/frustration to learn that, far from starting at 8:05am I would now be starting 40 minutes later at 8:45am!

What is, ‘Threshold’s’ policy for moving people back??? In my case, not one wave back, not two, not three, but FOUR waves back!
From an expected start time of 8:05am to 8:45am – the LAST wave to start! Moved one section back, I can understand... but four!
It is noticeable that no one gets moved up!!

Contacting the organisers (after 3 emails and phone) seems to be a complete waste of time: All you get is the automated response of: ‘Unfortunately, due to the numbers on the event we are unable to change your wave time’. The organisers really don't want to know!

As I registered early for this event and received confirmation (WAVE D) I fully expected to start at 8:05am. Or am I just being pedantic...

Are there, ‘others’ who this has happened to???


  • PascalPascal ✭✭
    All has now been resolved! I guess it was me who was just a bit more than premature in contacting RTTS.

    I quote the following:
    'We do apologise that you feel this way, we have tried our best to keep people where they prefer.
    However, in this circumstance we are happy for you to start in wave D. Staff will be checking wave letters at the start so we will notify the crew of your number.

    We look forward to seeing you at the weekend.'

    I really should have known better...

    Many and sinerest apologies if I have caused any offence.

    Take care.

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