I feel like these questions maybe annoying but I am looking for a bit or advice/reassurance.

wow, it’s been years since I have been on this forum. 

I ran a marathon, and regular halves roughly four years ago and have signed up for Brighton marathon 2020.

I can comfortably run 5k, been doing that adnoc and have pushed to 7.5 and 10 recently. I’m fairly fit, I found a new life for spinning but I’m wondering if I am being too optimistic. 

I am thinking to do a half marathon plan to take me to November and then progress to a marathon plan. I live in the Middle East so it’s stupid hot at the moment so my pace is slow but if I build some running fitness now should this be doable? 


  • You already have good results. Therefore, it seems to me that there should be no doubt.
  • I agree, sounds like your baseline is good and now you can gradually build upon it. Spinning will add great leg endurance and it is something different for your body. I understand the heat issue, I used to live in China and running in high humidity was always fun....(sarcasm alert). If the weather is very hot maybe add some indoor HIITs? Good luck, I'm like you and always need some reassurance!
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