I feel like these questions maybe annoying but I am looking for a bit or advice/reassurance.

wow, it’s been years since I have been on this forum. 

I ran a marathon, and regular halves roughly four years ago and have signed up for Brighton marathon 2020.

I can comfortably run 5k, been doing that adnoc and have pushed to 7.5 and 10 recently. I’m fairly fit, I found a new life for spinning but I’m wondering if I am being too optimistic. 

I am thinking to do a half marathon plan to take me to November and then progress to a marathon plan. I live in the Middle East so it’s stupid hot at the moment so my pace is slow but if I build some running fitness now should this be doable? 


  • You already have good results. Therefore, it seems to me that there should be no doubt.
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