Help - Run101 Cotswold Running Festival

The company running this event last night posted on FB that they have ceased trading! 5 days before the 24 and 12hr races were due to be held. Having spoken to my credit card company this morning, they want a screen shot of their post, but low and behold, the FB account has now been deleted! Did anybody who had paid to race at this event, take a screen shot of their post please? No responses from the company to email contact and with the FB Page now deleted, I can’t get in touch with any other runners.


  • SmittersSmitters ✭✭✭
    May help? 

    Seems they way be a subsidiary of Pillow:

    Race Director

    Event Manager
    Pillow Festivals and Events

    FWIW I'm gutted for you. It's not a great way of doing business, especially deleting all social media. If they knew that just leaving the cancellation notice up would help all those who paid by CC, which would reduce the heat on them somewhat, you'd think they would. Good luck.
  • Thanks Smitters, Thankfully someone has forwarded me the screen shot now, so fingers crossed 👍
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