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Not sure whether to put in the beginners forum, as I don't know that much about shoes, or here.

Since I started running, I've solely used some Nike Lunarglide 6 that fit me quite well and seem an all-purpose mild stability shoe that works well for me. These will probably reach end of life in about two months, and it will likely be hard to source more in my size as it's an old model. I am a mild overpronator but appreciate a lighweight shoe. I'm also usually running distances between 8.5 and 19k at the moment, aspiring to a HM in October. I am not sure whether I should go for an all-purpose shoe or a couple of different ones to suit different distances. There are some very good deals on the Saucony Fastwitch 8 at the moment, but I'm wondering if this is viewed as solid enough up to an HM distance or not?


    I wouldn't buy shoes that are aimed at shorter distances.   Good all purpose shoes suitable for marathon/high mileage training are now so light that they are much better value than those that are aimed at short race distances.

    There'll be a new lot of shoes out in early autumn so there will be plenty more bargains of 'older' versions on the internet.
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    I would head to an independent running shop which can give you good advice. I try to visit mid week! There are so many options on shoes and your running style can change so it is not always the best idea to keep with the same shoe. 
  • anyone experienced with minimal shoes/low sole, etc? I love my newfeel by Decathlon, so cheap and reliable, been using for years, but it's coming to an end and they don't make it anymore :( most options in the market are from brands I don't know and super expensive! would love some tips for affordable ones!
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