Top of Foot Pain

Hi All

8 weeks ago I started to get pain on top of my right foot (about 1/3 up from my toes). I stupidly continued to push on running about 70 miles per week. The pain would disappear after a few miles at the start but eventually it got so bad I could keep going. I've been resting for just over 3 weeks and it doesn't seem to have improved. There is still a small amount of swelling on top of my foot and I am still limping badly to walk. I get pain in my big toe bad as well now.

The pain really comes on if I try and roll through my foot when walking and the pain gets really sore if I try to hop. 

I have seen 3 physio's all giving me different replies from stress fracture / extensor tendon / plantar issues.

Any thoughts? Hoping someone has had something similar.
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