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Hi All

8 weeks ago I started to get pain on top of my right foot (about 1/3 up from my toes). I stupidly continued to push on running about 70 miles per week. The pain would disappear after a few miles at the start but eventually it got so bad I could keep going. I've been resting for just over 3 weeks and it doesn't seem to have improved. There is still a small amount of swelling on top of my foot and I am still limping badly to walk. I get pain in my big toe bad as well now.

The pain really comes on if I try and roll through my foot when walking and the pain gets really sore if I try to hop. 

I have seen 3 physio's all giving me different replies from stress fracture / extensor tendon / plantar issues.

Any thoughts? Hoping someone has had something similar.


  • Hi bro. I know what is it:( I play basketball for a long time, got many injurance and now i feel pain when running and long time after. I visit many doctors an all that they say: It's normal, just use ointment and keep running. I think that it's doesnt work:( I don't know what to do about that. So, if you know something - give me an advice.
  • Foot pain: This is a general articulation “no torment, no gain,” yet in case you are really getting hurt while you are working, you are likely treating it horribly or pushing yourself unnecessarily hard. While working out is a mind-blowing strategy to supervise weight and lift your processing, getting harmed would not help your day by day practice by any stretch of the creative ability.
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  • Hello,

    This sounds exactly like what I went through 2 weeks before the London Marathon this year. I was diagnosed with a metatarsal stress fracture. Your pain sounds more severe than mine and your training also sounds more intense.

    The swelling is definitely an indicator that there is trauma to the bone. Unfortunately you need to rest for a lot longer, the doctors said to me a minimum of 6 weeks rest in an air-boot and could be up to 3 months for a full recovery.

    Have you had it x-rayed? For stress fractures x-rays initially don't show a lot, an MRI is best but very expensive. X-rays can show that the fracture is healing, so you can compare x-rays from initial fracture point and at stages along your recovery to confirm it is a stress fracture and that it is healing.

    I was fully recovered about 6 weeks after the injury, I had been swimming and cycling the whole time. I started jogging 1 minute and walking 1 minute, and just built this up until I was able to run 5k on road at 8-weeks.

    I seem to have just developed similar symptoms again on the other foot! I'm going to try and see a specialist or maybe get some tests done to see if I have a deficiency. I've been taking calcium and vit D supplements since the first injury.

    Hope your recovery is going well!
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