Wanted Saucony Ride 6 size 7

Hi, I'm really hoping someone might have some of these (Saucony Ride 6 in size 7) tooked away in a cupboard! They are the perfect trainers for me but they don't make them anymore and mine are on their very last legs 😭 does anyone have a pair they would be willing to sell please? I'm not bothered what colour they are or if they have the box!

I've tried eBay and Facebook selling sites to no avail. Thanks for reading! <img src="https://us.v-cdn.net/6027274/uploads/editor/7j/d16k3a6tkjh3.jpg" alt="">


  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Get a pair of newer models. Ride 9 or 10 are good, the iso are much improved on 9 or 10. Theres no future in trying to find more ver 6. Get some iso in my opinion, no need to stick to really old versions. Go read some reviews on the different versions.
  • Hmm I know I might have to in the end, I just suffer from huge blisters in pretty much every other shoes I've tried bar the 6's. This is my last hope and then I might have to admit defeat! 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Well if you arnt prepared to change then it looks like you had best find a new hobby. You could get 2 or 3 different shoes and rotate them so you toughen your feet and legs up a bit. Its not the shoes its your conditioning that needs fixing.
    Donna - blisters are caused by poor fit so you'll just have to try and find a shoe that you feel comfortable.   Go to a shop try some on, make sure the size is right for you.  Options are to try with different socks and differnet lacing, elastic laces can often eliminate the chance of blisters by ensuring a snug fit.

    TR is right, 2 or 3 different shoes would be a good choice.   I never run in the same shoes even in the same week and I run 6 days a week.
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