Athens marathon 2019

Anybody out there doing this one ? , it really is the authentic , starting in the town of marathon and finishing in the original Olympic stadium in the centre of Athens , this will be my 8th year in a row can’t wait 😀


  • Only 3 weeks to go before Athens , Yorkshire marathon this coming weekend first , can’t wait 😊, anybody else going to Athens? 
  • Hi we are coming to athens my brother and son are running this and I just wondered if there was different areas we could see them go past as when we watch london we can go to 4 different places and see them 

  • hi Chrissy

                   its  not easy to do what your suggesting ,there is a couple of places where u can get to on the tram I think , my other half went to the start line with me a couple of years ago but she had to get a taxi back to Athens from marathon which wasn't easy ,my advice would definitely just go straight to the amazing Olympic stadium for the finish and [hopefully ] sit in the sunshine and watch the runners come in [ sit on the left hand side of the stadium[as you look in ] for the best view which is where the runners come in

                                              cheers martin



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