Training plan for first marathon?

Hi folks!
 I wonder if anyone could point me in the direction of a training plan they would recommend for a first marathon.  I plan to do one next spring. I've looked online and there is just so, so many.
I was hoping someone could advise me.

I've been running 7 months and do 20-28 miles a week.  I've completed 2 half marathons, so not a complete beginner bit clearly a very long way to go.

Any advice appreciated.


  • JGavJGav ✭✭✭
    Jump into the Shades thread and start with them, they have a training plan for beginner marathoners.  Probably the best place here for a first marathon.
  • Hi, Could someone advise what 5M of 1M jog means in the training plans?
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    i'd have thought it means 5 minutes effort with 1 minute jog recovery?
  • Some great replies here and useful info 
  • The first 16 to 20 miles of the marathon seems easy but the final 6 to 10 miles, the body runs out of glycogen reserves and switches to fat burning and a runner's pace dramatically drops unless he/she is a well trained runner.

    A runners body can adapt to running the marathon distance 26.2 miles conserving glycogen reserves and maintaining a pace that does not burn up his/her glycogen reserves. It is very difficult to consume or drink energy during a marathon, consuming food may lead to stomach upsets or stomach cramps.

    Drinking energy drink and staying hydrated may be better than consuming multiple gels during a marathon. It is difficult to work out how much water must be drank with gels and is different with each runner. Carrying gels better than the lottery of gels offered at aid stations that may not work well for the individual runner.
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