Soph are you there?

Soph I've been away from my PC for a bit and lost your thread, do they get chucked off after a bit I wonder??

I'm not far away from you, in Welly, but
after a moments bravery I remembered I'm a confirmed run-aloner,I got totally disheartened after a year of trying to run with a taller/fitter younger friend, ... I hope you find someone to go out with, and very best of luck with your marathon plans.


  • who's Soph?
  • b*****r; I thought you were her...!
    Soph was asking about the ilminster 10k, then said she was hoping to find someone to run with, I live near, but bottled out as you can see above, if anyone sees her on another thread, pls tell her I'm here!!- ta!
  • I'm Soph and so's my wife!

    (Sorry happyslug, childish I know but I couldn't resist!)
  • slug
    if you go to the forum front page and search for Ilminster in Messages, you can click through to the original thread - she might still have email notify on one of them
  • Happyslug

    Go to "beginners", second page, a message posted by Susannah Stewart about Runners Forums (has 17 messages last time I looked, including a few inanities from yours truly). She's second message down.

    I thank you

  • great! thanks all!!

    DH I'll let you off this time! :-)
  • Hi Happyslug ,and Bune and Dark Helmet and Nick and A Chimp Writes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HS, I 've got your message now. I've been very busy trying to stay away from the forum. I don't know what's easier :quiting smoking after 15 years or quiting the forum.
    It's hard & it's so addictive & expensive too.
    The boyfriend wasn't too happy when we got the phone bill....
    Anyway what was the question again? I am on wine again that's was I go on a bit too much.
    I think I found somebody to run with ( a male...)but haven't orgonise anything yet but will soon.
    HP are you doing The 10K in Brighton?
    Anyway let me know if you get this message.

  • It's only me again...
    Happyslug, just to say it's amazing that I didn't see your thread earlier as you posted it on the 24th. Even though I wasn't supposed to be on the "forum" I was...but didn' see it! I wonder why?
    Anyway, saturday night must be a quite night as your thread is still on the top.
  • Lovely!! Looks like a happy ending!!
  • SimonF, maybe we should do a film about the forum then? Have you got your tissues ready yet?
  • A film would be very interesting!
    Some of the plots within the Dark Side for instance! Steamy or what?
    Maybe a book even.
    Anyway, I've already got the T shirt!
  • I'm not going there! What T-shirt?
  • hey!! Soph,glad you've found someone...!
    I'm also trying to get off this wagon, ..(or do I mean on it?) I have freeserve hometime, feel I need to surf as much as poss to get me money's worth but I'm in severe danger of becoming a virtual runner,
    I meanm who's going to check up whether or not I really did that long run??? Whats that I hear you say, fooling no-one but myself??!

    So Simon, I bet you don't go running after dark with your girlfriend :-))) Oh me, me, pick me!!

    Good luck soph, I'm off for anothe r glass of wine, long run day tomorrow remember, lovely weather by the looks of it!!X
  • ..and I don't dare go near the dark side, scary things happen there,and I'm not doing Brighton, bit far for me, I just do local runs, for local people...
  • Hp, did my long run this morning 1h12 because tomorrow can't. Was a lovely day today, but I don't think tomorrow you will be doing your run, do you?
    Anyway, the bottle of wine is finish now so I 've got to finish the cider that I opened yesterday, what a shame!
  • Happyslug, what about Ilminster then?
    It's local and I need some support anyway!
    I might be the last one so please come & give me support please! You don't have to run it, just say well done when I finished it after everybodyelse.
  • I'm doing Cheddar on the 9th Soph, rather 13m flat than 10k hilly, I'm a bit of a wuss on hills, I have abit of a pact with hubby not to take up his entire freetime with races and running... promised to give up Sunday runs after Bristol, but was on such a high after i came straight home and enter 3 more races.

    I've been trying to find last yrs results for you, I'm sure if you can do 1 hr 12 in training, you won't be last on the day, and anyway, who cares!
  • Thanks Happyslug, Good luck with Cheddar, let me know how you got on.
    I don't know what people mean by hilly, i will tell you after Ilminster if I can!!!!
    I'm sure that's 10K hilly it's easier than 13 miles?
    Why is it OK for a man to run BUT not for a LADY???
    Gentlemen, please let me know!
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