Best Trainers for Treadmill walking at 3.5mph, 7-8 inclination around 2 hours.210lbs weight

I have been walking in my current gym for over a year now on and off when I've time.

My main issue is my right ankle and heel pain on both feet. I had an injury on my right ankle playing football as a kid and I ignored it.

Anytime I walk up to 100 minutes, I have so much pain on my right ankle and heels on both feet. I've been using Acics Gel-Kinsel 6 with Sorbothane Double Strike Insoles and compression socks which has helped considerably. I've been using these for the past 8 months now.

I'll currently looking for a new trainers that's highly cushioned under the heels. I tried Hoka Clifton 6 2E and the cushioning was excellent and perfect for me but the midsole was narrow around my right foot and was rubbing a lot against my right foot.

I've also tried other trainers that claim to be cushioned but I found them stiff.

Can someone recommend a trainers that have heel cushioning like Clifton 6? Thanks


  • Hi Chukwe, the most cushioned shoes I've ever had are the Mizuno Wave Sky. I've found them by far the most comfortable trainers for long runs of >2 hours - I have run my last two marathons in them. I have also had and liked Asics Kinsei and Hoka Clifton, but the Skys are in a different league and seem really long lasting too. Unfortunately they don't tend to be cheap - I think the current model is Wave Sky 3, so you may still be able to get Wave Sky 2 on sale for a reasonable price. I have the original Sky and the Sky 2, both of which are equally good. From my own experience, I think they'd be what you're looking for in that they don't feel stiff at all and are also not too narrow (I have a wide forefoot).

    Brooks Glycerins also have nice plush heel cushioning and are very comfortable, although I personally rate the Wave Skys higher (and the standard width of the Glycerin is narrower around the forefoot - but they do them in a 'wide' fitting too).
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