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    The ban on any type of athletics inc club sessions etc has been extended from the end of April until the end of May today. The chances of any large races happening this year are getting slimmer.
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    Shades, where are you based? ive not heard of anything like that here. 

    TR, yes it's all looking a bit more longterm. Thing is, races will start cancelling for early Autumn simply because they will reach the point where they have to commit to outlay and won't wantvto do that if there's a reasonable risk it wont happen. Plus, i assume i am not alone in completely refusing to make any race plans for any time in the future let alone entering a race, so that may well force decisions to cancel. i have my 3 pre-booked maras and that's it. 
    DT19 - Devon.  They were stopping cars travelling into Plymouth, Torquay and Newton Abbot.   They also stopped a caravan on the A38 as the owners thought it was a good time to move the caravan from one town to another.  Driver was told that they would be fined if they did that again, police aren't able to issue fines until becomes law tomorrow.  

    I'm not making any further race plans either, apart from what I have transferred from spring to autumn.

    My solitary remaining marathon for April was finally cancelled yesterday.   I'd booked a unrefundable room at a nearby Travelodge.   Travelodge are issuing a full refund or I can have a voucher for future use for 125% of the value of my room price.  
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    It's good all these places are being sensible. It'll be remembered after this is over, except weatherspoons, I didn't like the place anyway!

    I looked over the weekend and my hotel for Berlin is fully cancellable until 11th September, so if things remain unchanged in 4 or 5 months i'll not be out of pocket for that.

    OK, well that is people just being silly. I drove to work today, lots of lorries about but not so many cars. I am going to cycle in going forward, save petrol and get my exercise in each day. I have to attend the office on a Tuesday and a Friday after this week.

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    Gosport 1/2 mara which is a 2000 runner race (nov 22nd this yr) have suspended entries and are not ordering medals etc as this years race might not happen.

    Ive had June races postpone, Southampton mara will soon have to reschedule their June rescheduled date, how long until the Manchesters, Brightons and VLMs admit defeat? Surely they cant take any entries for 2021 yet as the 2020 race might become the 2021 race......however im still hopefully of some smaller races later this year.
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    Tr, yes June races are cancelling and later races i know as you say not committing to outlay. 

    They cant open any ballots etc until this year has happened or not. 

    I just hope NY happens as that one is harder for me to just book a trip to next year. 
  • I've now deferred my charity place till 2021. 

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    What was the decision making point, Portlanders?

    I am beginning to now accept that 50000 running the streets of London and another 750k watching is unlikely to be a feasible situation in 6 months time, even if a lot of other restrictions have lifted I can't see anyone accepting that such a gathering would be sensible. The sooner the money men of elite football get their heads out of their troughs they may also agree that finishing this season and then starting next season isn't feasible. It's one or the other.

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    Remember when we were looking for smaller alternative races to the bigger Spring maras.........
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    Yes, and not even that small, Newport as a back up to London. Hard to think that was a mere 3-4 weeks ago. 
  • DT19 - a couple of things, foremost it allows me to take a little control over the situation, rather than the situation dictating me. My anxiety levels have been through the roof, and since making the decision i feel so much happier. 
    Plus 2021 is my 50th year on this planet - what a great time to run the London Marathon. 
    Also the charity made it clear they don't usually offer deferrals, and if we take the October option and that gets cancelled they don't know at this time what options, if any will be available.
    The charity also confirmed original £2k target stands on the deferral option, which i've already achieved - so no stress on min targets next year either.  
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    Portlanders, sounds very sensible.

    It makes no difference to me as i'll qualify next year with my gfa so no benefit in deferring as i'll still have to pay. I'll keep it booked in, as Berlin might cancel but London might not, dependant on what's happening.

    I am not sure what the last date is you can apply for a refund on the 2020 entry though, but worst case scenario, I do Berlin and then don't fancy London I guess I can defer it as it means I don't have the slight uncertainty for 2021 waiting for the whole gfa process and the doubt as to what the qualifying time might drop to.

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    DT - wont be long and we'll be looking for small Autumn maras too.
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    Well I certainly think anyone choosing to enter races of any distance right now for the mid-term is doing so surely on the understanding that they are quite probably just dumping money and shouldn't then complain when these races don't happen and they don't get a refund. Not sure what'll happen if the likes of Manchester have to cancel in October. They can't reschedule that, but can they defer people to next year or refund?
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    I think the big races will cancel, and just defer everyone to next spring. Which is why i dont expect any vlm gfa or ballot info until oct 4th either happens or not.
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    Yes, to all intents it'll be like 2020 never happened. I wonder if they will extend the GFA qualification period as no one will have had a chance to get a time in 2020 which means come 2022 the only period based on usual timings to have attained a gfa would be January to August 2021.
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    I really don’t think that it will be possible to run London even in October, the way things are going we will still have too many restrictions in place, personally, I feel the powers to be should just forget 2020, then transfer everyone to 2021en masse in April,all gfa times etc should be honoured 
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    I suspect Autumn marathons won't get cancelled because we ae still restricted come October, it'll be because VMLM and the likes will have a responsibility to ensure people have turned up having had the opportunity to prepare. At the same time, by remaining in the calendar they are indirectly encouraging people to get out running for hours which if we are still restricted will get them some very bad press.

    To prepare properly people need really 16 weeks. That means we have to have returned to completely normal life by mid June. That seems unlikely to me. Therefore I think the reason Autumn 2020 marathons will be cancelled will not be due to us being restricted come the Autumn, but because we are when people need to train.

    I saw Bath half getting hammered on the weekend for encouraging people to run the virtual half. People have got this 1 hour thing in their head as being a legal max, which it isn't, though there is a moral factor to it.

  • There is a lot of talk on the charity forum i'm a member of, where people are insisting they will run a marathon on the original Brighton / London dates. 
    I don't get it, these are not seasoned runners who run marathons week in, week out, and it's going to effect their immune system no doubt - plus 5-6 hours outside running.... I just don't get it, there are a few of us saying it's not the way forward and to just run the marathon on the revised date, but they will do what they want to do at the end of the day. A bit selfish if you ask me. 
  • As some on another thread that I am on (The Thousand Mile Club) will know, I am like a few others, doing laps in or gardens and on treadmills at home.  I am doing both - about 13km on the treadmill (can't stand the thing) and a bit over 1/2 marathon of walking daily. - I am beginning to enjoy the walking so much that I get up early in the morning and do a few hours before the grand kids wake up - don't want them to think grand dad has gone mad - and a few more hours after they go to bed.
    Just trying to stay in shape for the pacing duties for when the races re-start. Since Monday I have ran 33 miles and walked 96 km so far (still got 3 hours to get to 100km in 4 days
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    Have just read the letter from Marathon Towers, it says that if you defer before 26/04 then you need to pay again in2021, but what happens if you don’t defer and October is cancelled, will we just get transferred to 2021?
  • I think that's the inference Ali.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    No, as per usual rules, you can defer at any time until the day before and pay next years entry fee again. It's only if you want out and a refund you need to decide by 26th April.

    I wouldn't defer, I would wait and see what happens over the summer. If we are still locked down by mid June the marathon being on will encourage people to be out training so I thin they'll make a call much earlier now. If they know people can't really train properly they won't want them trying to run a marathon.

    In that event I imagine they might well offer a free deferral to next year.

  • Berlin 2020 cancelled, was rescheduled for 27th Sept. 
    The Berlin Senate, the executive body that governs the city, has said no gatherings of more than 5,000 participants can take place until October 24, 2020. 
    Portlander - 27th September was the original date for Berlin, it's always at that time of year.

    It's odd they've chosen the date of restrictions to 24th October, I'm hoping to run Frankfurt on the 25th. 
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    it's also a regionalised rule, and doesnt cover Frankfurt at this point. 

    I'm sat on hotel and flights for this. Hotel is cancellable no issue, flight with Lufthansa seems to have options for things over next few months but nothing into September as yet. i hope they dont shoehorn into Spring 21. Id rather if they don't happen in Autumn they just call a day on 2020. 
    DT19 - so ruling yesterday only covers Berlin area?  And Munich I assume as beer fest was cancelled too.
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    My understanding (which has come through a few pairs of hands) is that Germany has regional governments and those governments have made rulings for specific regions. This has come to me from someone in Frankfurt who says it doesn't apply to them.

    If you read the announcement by the Berlin mara it refers to an order from the Berlin senate a opposed central govt.

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