Racing again

I haven't entered an event since a 5k I did in I think 2016. I had a bad couple of years with muscle pulls, bursitis and plantar fasciitis and put on a lot of weight. Since April this year I have steadily built back up to where I am running up to 12km. I have my eye on two 10Ks: one is on roads (I almost entirely train on dirt/gravel), 11 weeks out; the other is 15 weeks from now and is a trail race.

My main goal really is not to get injured. I'm loving running again, also doing a lot of fairly tough hiking and just want to be able to keep going. However I find the focus of an upcoming event to help at low-motivation moments. Also, back in April I was thinking I just wanted to be able to do 10k in an hour again by December. Well, I did that today.

I have specific comeback motivation s for doing both races, though I'll only do the first of them if the company are paying- I did versions of both events back in the day when I was really running, 2013-15. 

My current training plan, more a set of principles than a specific plan, involves 1-2 very easy runs- short and slow, one intervals or sustained effort run, and one longer run per week, time allowing.

TLDR: I want to do a 10k in the winter and feel like a real runner again with a half-decent (for me) time; more importantly I don't want to get injured. What advice do you have for me? (PS 44 years old)


  • so I signed up for a race.

    10k, off road, Jan 12. Two friends are supposed to be doing it with me. I know the areas it goes through, more or less. It's very near where I live It was going to be downhill then upjill, but they've changed the start point and the route, so now it's up, then flatish, then down. I think I'm going to 'powerhike' the steep km from km 2.5 to km 3.5
  • This will be my first organized event since a 5k in.... 2016? After a couple of bad years (declining perfromance, injury, weight gain) for a couple of years I've been training seriously since April, and I think for January I'll be ready to make a respectable go of it.


    My training plan: Each week, one heard, one long, two easy. Hard is either intervals or a tempo run of around race distance but on the flat, at around 115% of target pace, or intervals at around 90% of target pace. Long is quite often a serious hike (700m+ ascent, going hard). Easy is really easy, 6-7k, 130% or more of target race pace. Crosstraining? What's that?

  • Have you considered introducing some hill running in your training plan? Something like a Kenyan hills session every other week might be an idea. I find they really do help on the hills and give you a bit of confidence.
  • So.... because the uphill section looks quite tough - more than 1km of steep, and I'm planning to powerhike it, I was thinking that I'd do that specific kind of training- practice going as hard as I can on the hills- it's all hills by my house- but walking, on otherwise easier days. I'll maybe try swapping out intervals for Kenyan hills though. Cheers for the advice!
  • Reminds me of the Beachy Head marathon and 10K. The first 1km is all uphill with the first 100m or so virtually a rope and crampon job. You generally can't run, even if you want to, as there's too many people walking. So I think powerhiking may be your best option. Good luck.
  • Have You Considered Introducing Some Hill running In your Training Plan I Find They genuinely help on the slants and give you a dash of conviction
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