Total knee replacements

Hi.  Haven't been on for a lot of years.  Gave up running due to severe arthritis.  15 months ago I had left knee replaced and 9 months ago I had the right o e done.
My question is has anyone gone back to running after a knee replacement.  I was always more of a plodder than a runner so these days and at 65 years old it would be more a glorified walk I think.  I know they advise not to run after knee replacement but I just wondered if anyone had done it. 
Also I am trying to change email address and my name as no longer SpeedyG... Lol but I don't seem to be able to. Any ideas? Thanks. 


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    Hi mate.

    I have a history of knee injuries following an ACL tear playing football in my early 20's - My meniscus is in such a state now that after 5 surgeries or so I can only run maybe 5 - 8k once a week and even then I've having to ice like crazy with a knee cuff machine and its taking me 1 to 2 weeks to recover. I have minimal pain but swelling and a lateral catching on the outside of my knee which could be my IT BAND.

    The point I'm getting that is that I probably shouldn't be running at my stage of knee de-generation (Age37) - so I sure as hell wouldn't recommend doing this in your 60's after a TKR.

    The bottom line is that your risking the speed at which the replacement joint will wear out and could well need a 2nd TKR Earlier than needed . I would personally look for lower impact activities.

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