Total knee replacements

Hi.  Haven't been on for a lot of years.  Gave up running due to severe arthritis.  15 months ago I had left knee replaced and 9 months ago I had the right o e done.
My question is has anyone gone back to running after a knee replacement.  I was always more of a plodder than a runner so these days and at 65 years old it would be more a glorified walk I think.  I know they advise not to run after knee replacement but I just wondered if anyone had done it. 
Also I am trying to change email address and my name as no longer SpeedyG... Lol but I don't seem to be able to. Any ideas? Thanks. 


  • Hi mate.

    I have a history of knee injuries following an ACL tear playing football in my early 20's - My meniscus is in such a state now that after 5 surgeries or so I can only run maybe 5 - 8k once a week and even then I've having to ice like crazy with a knee cuff machine and its taking me 1 to 2 weeks to recover. I have minimal pain but swelling and a lateral catching on the outside of my knee which could be my IT BAND.

    The point I'm getting that is that I probably shouldn't be running at my stage of knee de-generation (Age37) - so I sure as hell wouldn't recommend doing this in your 60's after a TKR.

    The bottom line is that your risking the speed at which the replacement joint will wear out and could well need a 2nd TKR Earlier than needed . I would personally look for lower impact activities.

  • I am in a similar position as you Speedy.G but I am 67 years of age! Had my knee replaced two years ago. Ran my last race just before this - The Mumbai Marathon. Firstly I HAVE NO MEDICAL TRAINING. All the info I got was researching the web. Firstly check out an article by Dick Beardsley - 'Minus Two knees and runs faster than you'. Then do further research on others running on replacement knees and regarding wear on knee replacements. Apparently there is very little evidence to support the wear on replacement joints from running. In fact it is quite contrary. Since my knee replacement I have been looking after my wife who is very ill. I am now about to commence running again starting with walking. I suppose it boils down to how much you miss running. Yes I could do low impact activities such as cycling or swimming (I am an ex Triathlete - 6 times Ironman finisher) but I want to run. IF my joint does wear out in 15 years I will probably be dead by then! It boils down to how much you miss running. But of course as with everything in life you make the decision and live with the consequences. I start my return to running on Monday (18th November) and see where it takes me. If you are on Facebook drop me a friends request (David Cross) as I would be interested to share experiences with how we get on. Whatever you decide good luck and live your life under your terms
  • Hi blackcabdriver.  Its speedy here with a change of name.  I kinda agree with you that I don't see how at the very show pace I would be running at that I would wear my knees out before the length of time they say.  As you say if I am to get 15 years out of them that will make me 80 years old and even if I am still around at that time I doubt I would still be running.  I have been out walking - did 7 miles today.  I might try a slow jog next and see how I get on.  Had both knees replaced and blooming Heck now I have arthritis in my hip causing pain.  All doctor says is that's what 20 years of running gets you but I dont believe that is the case.  I went to send you a Facebook request but don't know if I chose the right David Cross as there were a few.  I chose the one that had a friend with Kim Pike as I am friends with her. If its wrong let me know.  I am Karen Quinn on FB. 
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