My first 10k run Sunday

Hello to everyone. Just happy to inform that I just finished my first 10k run Sunday on Crete, Greece.
Te time not so impressive but I am 44 years old and a first time runner. I started March from the cough to 5 k and then the 10k program
My time was 1.06. It was a difficult at least for me race as at the end we had a hill to run.
I don't really care for the time as I just how I felt!!!


  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Congratulations on your successful 10k. You should be happy with that time, even though, as you say, that is not the important thing just now. In the future you might find yourself wanting to run a faster time, and with the progress you've made since March, you would almost certainly achieve that. But that's the great thing about running; you can be as competitive, or relaxed, as you choose, and still get great satisfaction. All the best. 
    ( by the way...Love the 'cough to 5k'!)
  • Thanks MrM2, I will try to keep my running for now a little easy. I already agreed to run August the half marathon. I know i have plenty of time in front of me but still needs a lot of time, I think. Yes, you are right. I wrote cough instead couch but I think for applies both words . :D
  • Brilliant well done
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