How to make London Marathon good for age times and Boston qualifying times fair

I did some analysis on VMLM good for age qualifying times and Boston Marathon qualifying times - it turns out they’re heavily biased:


  • I hear you. I'm 52 so GFA was four hours. My best was 4:10:42 at Chester a year ago so I thought I might be able to go sub-4 this year, only to fail to get even a PB in Spring (both marathons around 4:14 - one was unexpectedly warm and the other had four miles of running into a headwind). Then I found out that they only accepted V50s with times of nearly 5 minutes under target, so goalposts have moved again. To get that time I'd need a WAVA of 70%. I've only ever managed that once, in a parkrun, let alone a serious race.
  • Oh that’s annoying Cal, keep at it, you can get there. We all know the targets are tough, but it would be nice if the goalposts stayed in the same place.
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