Half Marathon training with Mountain Biking.

Hello All.
Some advice please. I'm looking to do a half marathon in December but need help with a training program that fits in mountain biking.

On Monday evenings a group of us pedal round the Surrey hills for from about 2-3 hours doing between 23-30km depending on the weather and how we're all feeling. It's usually a hard workout trying to keep up and beat fellow pedallers up hills etc.

So as I said I would like to incorporate this into my half marathon training but all the plans don't really allow for such a high intensity activity along with all the KMs they advise to run. I have run 5k & 10k.

Can someone help me and point me to something that can help, even some kind of plan?

Thanks in advance.


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    I would head over to the Tri websites and look at their half IM plans. Many of them have you running three times a week with the bike. I run four times a week and spin/cycle two or three times. I find the bike really works well with the running as it gives me a CV work out without the impact. 
  • I'm no pro only having just done my first half, but tbh I think you'll find your fitness from MTB will give you a great start. I was in the same boat with MTB-ing (ie a weekly mid-week ride), and followed a simple half marathon plan with 2 small mid-week runs with a longer one at weekends which over the 10 weeks gradually grew to 12 miles - the first time I did the half was on the day. To fit in my ride I just swapped one of the mid week runs every other week, and it worked for me.
    Don't forget that you move your body around far more in MTB than road cycling, so it also gives you a core workout too which is a big plus.
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