Hip woes

I ran a hilly half marathon and picked up a knee injury.  I wanted to carry on training so went from road running to doing quite big miles on just grass-only surfaces.

My knee ie bearable, but I immediately started getting bad hip pain on the other side.  I was also doing some fairly over-zealous kettle bell and lunges to try and help my knee, around this time. so possibly pulled something, but don't really think so.

I stupidly ran another half marathon shortly afterwards, which was incredibly painful from mile 6, and think I made things a good bit worse that day.

Since then I have iced and rested 12 days.  last night I went for a gentle 4.5 miler.  it was very painful, and it's clear I've picked up my first "proper" injury which will be reasonably long term.

Any advice greatly received!  I'm going to hate stopping running but am going to have to (apart from a weekly) small "test" run.

Has anybody had similar,  I'm fairly sure it's bursitis, judging by where the pain is. Hoping it's not a stress fracture. 


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    Hello, my advice is to see a good physio, preferably one who is either a runner, or who treats a lot of runners. This will give you an informed opinion and hopefully that will be that is is something easy to solve. 
  • I also would recommend a good physio, I had a similar issue but turned out (from MRI) I have an infringement. I though I would never be running again. It has a taken a while to heal and lots of rest but I find lots of stretching has helped. Don't underestimate the efefct of a good physio and resultant exercises. I saw four and kept changing until I found one who immediately sent me form an MRI and came up with exercises that really made an impact.

    It is still a weak point but generally much better.

    Good luck!
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