Treadmills are they bad for the knees?

I have been using a treadmill in the rainy weather, and my right knee (always prone to injury- tracking issuse I think) is really complaining. It's an old treadmill but wondered if using a treadmill isn't great for the knees?

Perhaps it's just that it's a rubbish machine?


  • I would suggest putting the incline to about 1/1.5 as it mirrors more realistically the ground you would run on outside and see if that improves things. It may be the machine but a treadmill is also not much different to a hard concrete floor in terms of impact on the knees.
  • For me it's not. Maybe don't just abuse it.
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  • I remember my friend when he was done exercising he went to fastfood and then when he came home he opened the aircon, he also broken hearted plus he couldn't pay his debt to Wescot. So some time passed and he was depressed until he died.
    I am freelance organizer and Pop culture scholar...
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  • Yes, they impact your body more than a cross trainer. They aren't as bad if you put them on an incline. I also find that well cushioned and supportive trainers help with running. I couldn't be without my karrimor running trainers, they've got good arch support.
  • Thanks for the replies. My treadmill at home is a cheap one and you can’t put it on an incline but have found the more tech treadmill at the gym to be problematic.

    I am trying to find paths locally with wood chip ... I’m fortunately to live in a rural area. 

    I really love running though so I will seek the perfect surface. Ses I think finding the right trainer is v important too. Using cloud trainers at the moment- I was unsure as the soles are a bit unusual and quite hard, but light and seem to be doing the job.

    I also think a little bit of weight loss (I’m not over weight or under) but may help too. 
  • I guess it depends on the treadmill. Mine wasn’t particularly expensive (600 quid), but it’s got adjustable rubber buffers under the belt bed. On the soft setting especially, it feels pretty cushioned, and I would have thought if places far less stress on the joints than pounding the pavements.
  • Treadmills are incredibly boring and soul-destoying machines.  Instead, consider performing winter cardio workouts upon the StairMaster (yes, that thing!!) if your gym possesses one.  

    In addition to providing a cardio workout similar to running effort, despite the fact it employs gravity, as there's no upward ground force, stress upon joints remains minimal. 

    After a summer of running, its use not only strengthens and develops quads and calves (replacing lost muscle mass) its use ensures that running related injuries become less common-place.  

    As I say to many, dismiss use of the StairMaster at your peril.  
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