Experiences of long-term physio

I've been having physio for about 4 months now.. usual story weak glutes, tight hamstrings... currently hardly running at all.. maybe 1 or 2miles max.

I've been doing all the exercises they set, but I sense there is precious little progress. Today the osteopath let slip that there had been 'little improvement', and suggested I take up cycling.

I'm beginning to question to myself, the underlying efficacy of physio: Questions I have are around - does doing 1/2 hour stretching a day work, how long should it take to work, why isn't it working - I suppose I should ask the physio all of these.. ho hum.

Does anyone else have experiences of "non-responsive" physio, or any suggestions as to where/what I should do next?


  • Hi Speedy,

    Sorry to hear about your struggle. 

    A doctor once told a friend to try different physio’s  if things aren’t working. <div>
    </div><div>I currently have on-going knee issues but I also used to have issues with my hips and physio did help,  but it took ages.. I mean a year for any noticeable improvement, admittedly at the time I reduced my exercise. I also saw various physios and eventually asked to see someone experienced with hips else ....I was “one of those patients”. I finally saw a physio who knew exactly what my issue was. The hips niggle every now and then but nothing like they were pre physio.

    I also notice some stretches aggravate my knees so I think it’s finding the right exercises for you. </div><div>
    </div><div>I hope that provides some motivation to keep going - don’t give up just yet! </div>
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Perhaps a different Physio? 

    A couple of things concerned me re your treatment Speedy, stretches? and from an Osteopath?

    As I understand it from my Physio the main benefit is from the work you do using the exercise programme set out for you. If you do the work then you get the benefit, if its not working then either you're not working or its the wrong exercises. Stretching is more preventative than remedial, which is why I wonder about your programme.

    Just my thoughts, but I know different Physios mat have different treatment regimes and some may be out of date.
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    My physio has the attitude I should have as few.appointments with him as possible! His view is I should see the impact of exercises between appointments, and he then gives me development ones for the following appointment. Try and find one who has a degree sports rehab as well as physio. 
  • After 6 visits the physio referred me to wholly useless osetopath for 1 session, and now an acupuncturist... I'm increasingly dubious of this operation... It feels like they're now just directing me to different treatment modalities and taking my money... it doesn't feel like 'integrated care'..
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Hi Speedy, this might come across as a bit blunt but you need to find a new physio! Where are  you(approx area only) as we have an amazing physio (and I have no connect to him at all). 
  • Yep. Different physio needed. I saw one when I had a foot problem. He said I had Morton's neuroma, which I doubted because the one place I didn't have pain was under the foot (on the side and top, but not under). Turned out to be cuboid syndrome and was 95% sorted after a single session from a different physio and 100% sorted with a bit of follow-up.
  • To update - I did update the physio/acupunturist in January...the thing had become ludicrous. I've gone for 7-8 runs now and up to 8 miles, and everything seems fine. If something happens again then it will definitiely be a different physio who sees me.. I'm based in London, if anyone has any recs.
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    re "Physio/Acupuncture" Speedy G, as a qualified TCM Acupuncturist( 3 year degree course), I don't have much faith in Physios who offer "acupuncture" as a treatment. They usually have had about one weekend of training and just stick a needle where it hurts, ditto most Doctors/Osteopaths etc.

    My own treatments for muscle related conditions would have involved several lengthy sessions using a TENS machine to stimulate underlying muscle tissue with deep needling - quite uncomfortable/strange feeling, but effective. 

    Was your treatment in any way similar? If not, no surprise it had little effect.
  • Hi - no I don't think I had that!. I've been doing some running albeit not anywhere near marathon training, and so far so good with the hips/legs.
  • Definitely find a new practitioner!
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